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Here are some reactions of realtors on RBI’s policy outcome on realty sector



The Reserve Bank of India on Wednesday raised the key lending rate or repo rate by 50 basis points to 4.9 per cent to tame rising inflation, which has been now above the central bank’s 6 per cent tolerance level for four months in a row.

Repo rate is the rate at which the central bank lends short-term funds to banks.

In line with the rate hike by the RBI, some banks and non-banking finance companies too had raised their lending rates, which will essentially lead to an increase in EMIs for borrowers.

On Wednesday, RBI decided to increase the existing limits on individual housing loans by cooperative banks.

Accordingly, the limits for Tier I or Tier II urban cooperative banks shall stand revised from Rs 30 lakh or Rs 70 lakh to Rs 60 lakh or Rs 140 lakh, respectively, which essentially means doubling of the limit.

The increased limits will apply for Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks (UCBs), and Rural Cooperative Banks (RCBs) — State Cooperative Banks and District Central Cooperative Banks.

For RCBs, the limits will increase from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 50 lakh for such banks with assessed net worth less than Rs 100 crore; and from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 75 lakh for other such RCBs.

Besides, considering the growing need for affordable housing and to realise their potential in providing credit facilities to the housing sector, the RBI decided to allow State Co-operative Banks (StCBs) and District Central Co-operative Banks to extend finance to Commercial Real Estate – Residential Housing (CRE-RH) within the existing aggregate housing finance limit of 5 per cent of their total assets.

Following are some of the reactions from real estate experts and developers on the RBI’s measures:

Rohan Pawar, CEO of Pinnacle Group said, during the pandemic, the low interest rate regime had boosted the housing demand, and RBI’s decision to hike the interest rate again by 50 basis points to 4.90 per cent was expected to tackle the tight inflation of the country.

“The increase of rates could adversely affect housing demand because of increased EMIs and lower eligibility on home loans. This will create an impact on the ongoing growth momentum in the sector in addition to increasing input costs. However, we still believe that preference of homebuyers for owning a home will continue to boost demand.”

Niranjan Hiranandani, Vice Chairman of NAREDCO said, taming steep inflation hike is a preordained measure by RBI, given the global economic ballgame. Soaring commodity prices especially with food and energy prices, plummeting currencies, supply side shocks are the foremost reasons for rising input cost.

“It is evident that home loan interest rate hike will impair the home buying rally as pay out in terms of EMI is scheduled to rise. But according to me this crater in demand sentiment is a makeshift move, as home loans are based on floating rate for a long tenure. The EMI constraint will be eased as rates are expected to normalise once the global situation is stabilised.”

The hike in the limit of individual loans by co-operative banks by 100 per cent is a welcome initiative for home buyers who opt for home loans from co-op banks.

Atul Goel, MD of Goel Ganga Group said, the RBI’s step to increase the repo rate has been on the expected lines. To curb inflation, the regulatory bodies in India were required to control liquidity circulation in the economy. For a few months, the inflation rate has been above 6 per cent, which is beyond the RBI’s safe zone.

“If not controlled, the inflationary pressure could destabilise an otherwise bullish Indian economy. Although the recent step will increase the home loan rates, an unstable economy is not conducive to the overall health of the real estate industry. For the industry to operate optimally, it is important that the economy continues to grow in a stable, inclusive, and steady fashion.”

Suren Goyal, Partner at RPS Group said, the group welcomes the step of the apex body to increase the overall repo rates and believes it will help in clamping down inflation and smoothen economic growth.

“A rise in inflation can soften the stance on an otherwise robust real estate industry. Already raw material prices are increasing and an unbridled rate of inflation will further drive the input costs northwards, therefore resulting in cost overruns for the developer fraternity.”

Manoj Gaur, CMD of Gaurs Group and President- CREDAI NCR said it has been a fine balancing act by RBI.

“We understand that the hike in repo rate by 50 basis points will impact interest rates of consumer loans and make home loan dearer right at the time when real estate sector was coming out of the throes of pandemic and affect sales in the short term. However, by reining in inflation it will ultimately benefit the real estate sector that is bogged down by high input costs.”

Amit Modi, President of CREDAI Western UP opined that the increase in the repo rate will hamper the sentiments of the buyers, especially first time home buyers who are heavily reliant on home loans.

“It will be a barrier to the growth trajectory of the revived sales post-Covid. Millions of homebuyers will be sidelined and alienated from the property markets after the hike. It will slow down the pace of sales that has taken a rise in the recent past.”

Pradeep Aggarwal, Chairman of Signature Global (India) said the repo rate hike could be termed as a reformative move, the stated aim was clear in current macro and micro economic conditions.

“There was no other option left but to rein in inflation through monetary control measures. This might slightly influence real estate, but it will not impact consumer confidence or demand. Simultaneously, increasing the 100 per cent limit of individual loans by apex bank for co-operative banks, would surely spread a positive communication among each stakeholder.”

Sanjay Sharma, Director of SKA Group said the repo rate hike comes at the time when there was a renewed buyer interest in every segments of the real estate

“This move will definitely have an impact on buyers’ sentiments but at the same time let’s wish that the step brings the expected relief and benefits the sector that is also reeling from high input costs on account of various factors including inflation.”

Dharmesh Shah, CEO of Hero Homes said that there will also be a certain increase in home loan rates that will backtrack home buyers’ aspirations to invest in property markets and impact residential sales for a short period of time.

Prateek Mittal, Executive Director at Sushma Group said the latest move will definitely help the country as well as benefit the real estate sector that is already battling high input costs on account of various external factors and the consequent increase in fuel cost.

“Though this increase will also impact the buying power of consumers, we feel the impact will be taken in stride.”

According to Sharad Mittal, Director and CEO of Motilal Oswal Real Estate Funds: “Now with mortgage loan rates set to go up, we may notice a slight demand blip in the short term but overall outlook on the sector remains strongly bullish in the long term.”

“In an interesting move, RBI has now allowed rural co-operative banks to lend towards residential housing projects. This will help improve much-needed liquidity in the sector.”


UP: CCTV Footage Shows Drunk Rail Staffer Busy On Video Call, Places Bag On MEMU Throttle Causing Collision At Mathura Platform; 5 Suspended




UP: A joint report in the Tuesday Mathura train incident, in which an electric multiple unit (EMU) train broke the buffer dead end and entered platform number 2, has found that the staffer was watching his mobile phone while handling the train and was mildly drunk, sources have said.

The report, according to the sources, while narrating the prima facie reason of the incident, said that according to the Crew Voice & Video Recording System (CVVRS), after the train arrived at the platform, a staffer named Sachin entered the DTC cab (engine) while watching his mobile phone.

It said that while carelessly putting his bag on the throttle of the engine, he again got busy on his mobile.

Drunk Employee Puts Bag On Train’s Throttle

The throttle, due to the pressure of the bag, went into forward position and let the EMU move towards the platform. “It broke the dead end of the platform and half of the coach climbed onto the elevated portion of platform number 2, leading to breakdown of OHE (overhead wire).” The report also said that a breathalyzer test conducted on Sachin showed a reading of 47 mg/100 ml which is considered to be mildly drunk.

“He has been sent for a medical test in which his blood sample will be taken to find out the exact level of alcohol consumption,” a source from the Agra Railway Division, said.

Divisional Railway Manager Tej Prakash Agrawal has suspended five persons including Sachin in connection with the incident. Of the other four, Harbhajan Singh, Brajesh Kumar, and Kuljeet are technical staff and Govid Hari Sharma is a loco pilot.

“We have suspended five persons and further detailed investigation is on,” Agarwal said.

In one of its observations, the joint report said that generally technicians receive the DTC cab (engine) key, however, in this case, the technician sent Sachin to receive the key.

Details On The Incident

Giving the brief history of the incident, the report said that the train arrived at Mathura station at 10.49 pm. After the loco pilot got relieved from his duty and came out of the cab, Sachin entered the cab to take the keys. Within a minute of his entering the cab, it started moving, broke the dead end and half of its portion climbed onto the platform.

Sachin in a written statement said that as per the instruction of his duty in-charge, he asked for the key of the cab from the loco pilot who told him that it was inside the cab.

According to his statement, when he entered the cab and put his bag inside there, the train started moving on its own. He said that he got scared and by the time he applied the emergency brake, it had entered the platform.

He said that he informed his in-charge about it and when he tried to find out the reason why the train started moving, he found that the throttle was in forward position and key was also in position.

Blame Game Over Collision

In his statement, he blamed the loco pilot for keeping the train functions in “switched on” position. However, the loco pilot in his statement said that he had handed over the key to Sachin before the latter entered the cab.

The joint report has mentioned Sachin as ETL staff whereas in his statement, Sachin has mentioned his designation as helper.

The EMU starts from Delhi and covers various local stations before terminating in Mathura. The platform number 2 starts from the train’s terminating point where a buffer dead end has been created.

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UP Shocker: Cop Tied To Pole Naked, Thrashed After Being Caught Molesting Girl In Agra; Suspended After Video Goes Viral




Agra: In a shocking incident, a police sub-inspector was tied to pole and beaten in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra. The video of the incident is doing rounds on social media. It can be seen in the video that a Uttar Pradesh Police officer is being beaten after being tied naked to a pole in the village. The police sub-inspector was allegedly beaten by the villagers after he was caught in a compromising position with a woman. The family of the woman alleged that the police officer was molesting the woman.

He jumped through the roof and sneaked into the house in an inebriated condition

As per reports, the UP Police sub-inspector who was beaten by the villagers has been identified as Sandeep Kumar. Sandeep Kumar allegedly jumped through the roof and sneaked into the house in an inebriated condition and started to molest the girl present in the house.

The girl raised an alarm after which the family of the girl came

The girl raised an alarm after which the family of the girl came and caught the police officer red-handed in an objectionable position inside their house in Tihaiya village in Barhan Police Station limits. They then called the villagers and the angry villagers then stripped Sandeep Kumar naked and tied him to a pole. The villagers also thrashed the police officer for his act. The accused was rescued by the police that reached the spot and took the culprit with them.

Sandeep Kumar has been suspended

Uttar Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector Sandeep Kumar has been suspended and a departmental inquiry has been initiated against him after the video of the locals beating the police officer after tying him naked to the pole has gone viral on social media. A case of rape has been registered against the police officer. The incident occurred late night on Sunday (September 17) when the police officer sneaked into the house of the woman and was caught by her family in a compromising position with the woman.

The police have initiated an inquiry in connection with the matter

The police have initiated an inquiry in connection with the matter. They are also scanning the video that is going viral on social media. Etmadpur ACP said, “In the case of a sub-inspector being caught with a girl under police station Barhan area, the sub-inspector is being suspended with immediate effect, strictest departmental action is being taken and after receiving the complaint, legal action will be taken against the SI.”

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Karnataka: Woman Dies By Suicide Alleging Harassment By Police In Ramanagara, Says ‘After Death She Will Get Justice’




Bengaluru, September 4: An incident of a homemaker ending her life allegedly due to harassment by police has come to light in the limits of Channapatna town police station in Ramanagara district on Monday. The deceased woman is identified as 31-year-old Madhuri, a resident of Kote Layout in Channapatna city. Madhuri consumed sleeping pills on Saturday and succumbed at the hospital on Sunday. She had stated in the video that she is not able to take torture and harassment by the police she is ending her life.

The cops had not lodged her complaint

It is alleged that when Madhuri went to file a complaint to the Channapatna Rural police station regarding a financial dispute, the cops had not lodged her complaint. The victim had alleged that the cops insulted her at the police station.

Victim has many cheating cases against her

She was allegedly sent back by the police and cops told her that the victim has many cheating cases against her. The woman had stated in her video before committing suicide that at least after her death she will get justice. The relatives and family members have met Ramanagara SP in this regard.

The family have made allegations against Channapatna Town Inspector

The family have made allegations against Channapatna Town Inspector Shobha and other staff. The police department is yet to make an official statement regarding the case.

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