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‘You must stop this’, SC expresses concern on hate speeches made at Dharam Sansads



The Supreme Court on Tuesday expressed concern at state governments for not doing enough to prevent hate speeches, as it grilled the Uttarakhand government on a proposed Dharam Sansad in Roorkee.

The top court noted that governments say they are taking preventive measures, but something different happens on the ground as incidents of hate speeches keep occurring, despite the apex court’s guidelines on preventive measures.

It directed the chief secretary of Uttarakhand to bring on record corrective measures taken in view of religious meet scheduled in the state.

A bench headed by Justice Khanwilkar in its order, said: “Counsel for Uttarakhand submits that all preventive measures have been takena.and the concerned authorities are more than confident that no untoward situation or unacceptable statement is made during such event…

“We direct the Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand to state the corrective measure taken by the authoritiesabefore next date of hearing”.

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal, representing the petitioners, submitted that they are holding another Dharam Sansad in Roorkee on Wednesday.

The bench, also comprising Justices Abhay S. Oka and C.T. Ravikumar, said that if an announcement has been made, the state government will have to take action and follow the guidelines laid down in the Poonawalla case.

Counsel for Uttarakhand submitted that FIRs have been registered against communities A and B, and in terms of preventive measures there is a difficulty — if they are holding the Dharam Sansad, difficult to have information on the text.

The bench replied: “If the speaker is the same. You take preventive action. Don’t make us say what we don’t want to speak,” to which the counsel said: “We are taking measures… let them have faith in us. We are taking steps.”

The bench said the issue is not trust, and told the counsel to talk to the IG and secretary regarding the preventive action.

“What we see is something different on ground. Despite subsequent judgments on preventive measures, yet things are happening”.

The Uttarakhand government counsel submitted that petitioners’ counsel is trying to colour a particular community and told Sibal that “the community you are supporting is also doing certain things”.

Justice Khanwilkar said: “What kind of arguments is this? This is not the way to argue in the court.”

After hearing the arguments, the bench said the government knows what are preventive measures, and if it happens, the court may ask the chief secretary to be present.

The bench told the Himachal Pradesh counsel, in connection with a religious meet which took place in April: “You have to stop this activity file steps taken to prevent ita these events do not happen suddenly, they are announced well in advance.”

The top court asked the hill state government to file an affidavit on steps taken to prevent it and thereafter.

The top court scheduled the matter for further hearing on May 9.

It was hearing an application filed by journalist Qurban Ali and senior advocate Anjana Prakash seeking criminal action against people who made alleged hate speeches at Dharam Sansads.


Mumbai News: FIR against 2 websites for allegedly publishing defamatory content against Savitri Bai Phule




Mumbai police have registered an FIR against two websites for allegedly publishing defamatory content against social reformer Savitri Bai Phule. “The websites IndicTales and Hindupost are alleged to have published defamatory content against Savitri Bai Phule. The FIR is registered at Azad Maidan police station under sections 500 and 505(2) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC),” read an official statement by Mumbai Police.

Further, according to the release, the FIR was registered on a complaint lodged by Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leaders against these websites. The NCP leaders met the Mumbai police commissioner and filed the complaint, the release added.

NCP’s Plea for Police Intervention

In a move to counter the defamation of Savitribai Phule’s image, the NCP has sought police involvement. The party has highlighted the need for action against websites that are spreading false and derogatory information about Phule, tarnishing her reputation. By urging the police to intervene, the NCP aims to safeguard the legacy of Phule and prevent the dissemination of misleading content that could harm her well-deserved reputation.

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Delhi: Retd AIR official, her daughter found dead inside flat in Krishna Nagar; police probe on




New Delhi: A retired official from All India Radio’s Akashvani and her daughter were found dead in their apartment in Delhi’s Krishna Nagar neighbourhood. The Delhi Police said that their bodies were discovered by them after they got a PCR call at 8 pm reporting a bad smell coming from the flat. Rohit Meena, DCP Shahdara, the callers informed of a foul smell that was coming out of a first-floor flat in Krishna Nagar E block around 8 pm.

Subsequently, a police team was rushed to the apartment where the bodies of a 65-year-old woman and her 36-year-old daughter were found. The police suspect that a third known person was with the deceased inside the flat and that they are investigating all possible angles. The deceased were identified as Rajrani and her daughter Ginni Karar.

Police register case, hunt to nab accused on

The home where the victims were discovered had two locking systems, one at the main entrance gate and the other at the main door, which could only be opened with authorization, according to the authorities.

The DCP further added that they have obtained some important clues and an investigation in on. Raids are being conducted in multiple locations and the case is being probed from all angles.

According to the reports, Ginni was in school while Rajrani had left Akashvani. The woman’s husband had passed away a few years before, and the family had been residing on the first level of the structure. The police have registered a case under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and are trying to nab the accused.

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‘Drugs, Dawood & money laundering’, Shirazi’s interrogation opens up a Pandora’s box




The recent arrest of Ali Asgar Shirazi (41), an alleged drug trafficker, by the Mumbai Police’s Anti Extortion Cell (AEC), has caused significant concern among the United Kingdom’s narcotics smuggling kingpins. These individuals have established extensive connections with the notorious global terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim.

Shirazi’s interrogation exposes drug trafficking cartel

Sources within the Mumbai police revelations from Shirazi’s interrogation have opened up a Pandora’s box, unraveling the intricate web of criminal activities orchestrated by these individuals. It has has exposed several drug traffickers associated with the notorious criminal organisation, D Company. The investigation has unveiled details of their investments in the United Kingdom, India, and other countries, shedding light on their extensive money laundering operations.

During the ongoing investigation, one name that has emerged is that of Bob Khan. According to sources in the security setup, Khan has been missing for the past few years and is believed to be operating from London. It has been revealed that Khan, along with Jabir Motiwala from Pakistan, played a key role in orchestrating Dawood Ibrahim’s global drug trafficking operations in the United Kingdom. Previously, they had collaborated with drug lord Iqbal Mirchi, but after Mirchi’s death in August 2013, Dawood absorbed his operations into his own empire with the assistance of Bob Khan and Jabir Motiwala. It is also known that Khan had a close association with the late General Parvez Musharraf.

Jabir Moti’s name emerges in UK operations

The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a sting operation that led to the apprehension of Jabir Moti, a key figure involved in the distribution of hard drugs in the U.S. In August 2018, when Jabir was arrested by the U.K. police, the FBI requested his extradition. However, this request faced strong opposition from Jabir’s lawyers. Notably, the Pakistani high commission in London displayed a keen interest in the legal proceedings. Surprisingly, the FBI suddenly withdrew its request for extradition, raising eyebrows.

Jabir is reportedly in poor health and currently based in Karachi, where Dawood Ibrahim maintains his headquarters. Despite his illness, Jabir continues to oversee Dawood’s drug business, while the financial aspects are managed by Bob Khan, as per information from police sources. The interplay of these individuals highlights the complex nature of their criminal activities and the network they have established.

Druglord Kailash Rajput in Ireland

According to Mumbai Police Crime Branch records the name of  Kailash Rajput also figured prominently during the questioning of Shirazi. Rajput is believed to be holed in Ireland. 

Based on the information disclosed by Shirazi, the Anti Extortion Cell (AEC) has discovered the existence of multiple drug-processing laboratories in Gujarat and Rajasthan. These laboratories were involved in the production and processing of drugs such as methaqualone, commonly known as mandrax. Shirazi’s operations included dispatching these drugs to various destinations worldwide using regular courier companies.

Bob Khan’s web of companies

Classified dossiers maintained by intelligence agencies, have revealed extensive details about the massive money laundering operations orchestrated by Bob Khan. These documents disclose the names of 17 front companies utilised by Khan in his illicit activities. Additionally, it has been uncovered that Khan made significant investments in Cyprus, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain under benami names on behalf of Dawood Ibrahim. The investigation has also brought to light a Foundation controlled by Khan’s relatives, which was previously uncovered during an international investigative journalists’ operation known as the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers report highlighted the hoarding of billions of shady funds in tax havens, with several Indian names implicated. However, there has been limited investigation by Indian authorities into this matter, despite the involvement of several Indian individuals.

During its investigation into narco terror funding, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) uncovered significant information regarding Bob Khan and his connections with Jabir Moti and Kailash Rajput.

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