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Victim in actress abduction case expresses happiness after meeting Pinarayi Vijayan



For the first time after her harrowing experience in 2017, when she was abducted and harassed in a moving car in Kochi city, the victim on Thursday called on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at his office here and expressed happiness after meeting him.

“I was wanting to meet him for a long time and it became a reality today and am extremely happy with the assurance that he has given to me,” said the actress to the media after the 10-minute meeting she had with Vijayan.

“I have conveyed my apprehension to him about the probe not going in right direction and he has assured me that they are with me,” added the actress.

Early this week, she had approached the Kerala High Court with a petition stating that she wish the court intervenes as she suspects foul play in the investigation as it is entering its last phase.

In reply to a question on if she spoke against the government in her petition, she replied in the negative.

“I have also conveyed my fears and I am really happy with the outcome of the meeting,” added the victim.

According to sources in the know of things, she conveyed her wish that the probe that is currently on should not be closed abruptly.

Actor Dileep is the eighth accused in the abduction case and he was in jail for more than two months in 2017 and last year another case was also registered against him and his close associates for a revelation made by his former friend and director Balachandrakumar where he had conspired to do away with the police officials investigating the matter.

In both these cases, Dileep is presently out on bail and all eyes are on the High Court where a petition is being heard if the probe in the case would be extended.

After her petition came up in the court, a few top ruling front political leaders had chided her for her act as the Acrucial Thrikkakara by-election is to take place on May 31.

Reacting on this, she said she does not have anything to say about it.

But Leader of Opposition V.D. Satheesan said they have had no role in all this and the need of the hour is leaders like State Transport Minister Antony Raju, CPI-M State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and CPI-M legislator M.M. Mani should apologise for their curt remarks after the victim filed a petition suspecting foul play in the court.


Who is Sahil? Monster mechanic who stabbed, stoned minor girl Sakshi to death in Delhi




The Delhi Police on Monday arrested Sahil Khan who stabbed and killed 16-year-old girl named Sakshi in Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy area. The 20-year-old accused, stabbed her at least 20 times before hitting her on her head with a stone. The police arrested him from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr city.

The girl was killed on a bustling street crowded with people, yet no one came to her rescue, as captured in the CCTV footage.

Who is  Sahil?

Here is what we know so far: 

  1. As per reports, Sahil is a mechanic by profession who repairs AC and fridge. 
  2. Sahil is on Instagram with username “sahi.lkhan3600” and has 56 posts, 405 followers. His bio on Instagram read, “#love you dark life; daru lover (alcohol lover); Yaaron ki yari; Sab pe Bhari; 5 July; Love you mom.” 
  3. His posts on Instagram suggest that he loves to drink and party hard. In many of his posts, one can see Sahil smoking hukkah and drinking alcohol with his friends.

4. Like any other person, Sahil also likes to make reels. Many of his reels on Instagram show him either performing solo or with friends. 

5.In one particular reel, captioned as “Judai” Sahil can be seen performing over a woman’s voice that says, “I just want to inform you that I am going to get married in a week. In barely six months, my child will also have a name.” To this, Sahil replies, “My best wishes are with you, if I remain alive, I will definitely come.” The brutal murder can also be seen acting in the reel with facial expressions.

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Sonu Sood to help set up a school for underprivileged children in Bihar




Sonu Sood recently met an engineer from Bihar’s Katihar who quit his job and started a school for orphaned children and named it after the actor and philanthropist.

Sonu will be providing a new building for this school and higher education to underprivileged children.

In February this year, Sonu was surprised to read about 27-year-old engineer Birendra Kumar Mahato quitting his full-time job to open a school for orphaned children, and that he named it after the actor. Moved by Mahato’s endeavour to provide free education and food to 110 children, the actor met Mahato and the children at the school which also functions as a shelter home.

The actor spent time with Mahato to understand the needs of the school, from ration to quality education, building awareness to bridging the education gap between rich and poor. By the end of the day, Sonu started work on new building for the school so that it can house more underprivileged children, and ensure there is food for every child.

“Increasing access to education is one of the best ways to combat poverty. We aim to educate children from the marginalised sections of the society so that they have a better chance at job opportunities.”

He added: “Higher education is something we are working on. The other important aspect is nutrition and overall well-being as this school is also a night shelter,” said the actor.

Currently, the actor is providing education to close to ten thousand students across the country .

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Fresh violence in Manipur leaves 5 dead, including cop, hours before Amit Shah’s visit




In Manipur, where ethnic violence has claimed at least 80 lives in the past month, new violence broke out yesterday, leaving at least five people dead, including a policeman, and 12 more injured. After alleged terrorists in the Serou and Sugunu area set fire to numerous homes with high-tech weapons, new violence broke out in different areas of the state.

Amit Shah, the Home Minister, is scheduled to visit the violence-struck state in a few hours. Yesterday, Chief Minister N Biren Singh said that ’40 terrorists’ had been killed by gunfire in the previous four days.

Multiple terrorists neutralised

CM Singh said, “The terrorists have been using M-16 and AK-47 assault rifles and sniper guns against civilians. They came to many villages to burn down homes. We have started taking very strong action against them with the help of the army and other security forces. We have got reports some 40 terrorists have been shot dead.”

The Chief Minister stated that the recent spike in violent attacks against citizens on the fringes of Imphal Valley was well-planned and is categorically condemned. Today’s visit by Home Minister Amit Shah to Manipur is on track and he has pleaded with the Kukis and Meiteis to keep things peaceful and seek to restore normal.

Violence triggered by Meitei community’s petition

General Manoj Pande, the Army Chief, visited Manipur on Saturday to assess the state of law and order. Last month, when tribal groups, mostly Kukis, demonstrated against the Meitei community’s petition to be classified as a Scheduled Tribe, which would grant them access to reservation privileges and forest areas, violence broke out throughout the state.

Tension over the displacement of Kuki people from the reserve forest area had caused a number of smaller agitations before the violence. In order to stop the violence from getting worse, the government has implemented curfews and internet bans in a number of locations.

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