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Karnataka government to omit controversial religious texts from school books




The Karnataka government is all set to form a high-level committee to remove controversial lessons from the textbooks pertaining to religion from Class 1 to 10. It will also remove controversial texts blaming Vaidika dharma (Vedic way of life, Hinduism) for the rise of other religions such as Jainism and Buddhism in India.

The government will form a high-level committee to take a look at all such contentious issues in Class 1 to 10 textbooks, sources said.

The committee is being formed as objections came for the controversial text in the Social Science subject Part 1, prescribed for 6th standard students.

The contentious content talks about the birth of new religions, especially Buddhism and Jainism. The lesson says, during the Vedic period (1500 BC to 600 BC), the rituals like ‘homa’ and ‘havana’ (tradition of offering precious food items into the sacred fire to please gods), in which large quantities of foodgrains, milk, ghee led to food scarcity. The lesson also discussed rituals of the sacrifice of animals.

The lesson further said it was believed that such rituals are only to find solutions. Common people could not understand chants as they were in Sanskrit, whereas Buddhism and Jainism taught simple ways which led to their growth, it mentioned.

The Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board had met then Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa in February objecting to the parts of a chapter in social science textbooks. The Yediyurappa government issued a circular on February 17 instructing that the chapter should neither be taught nor used for evaluation.

Sources in the government said, it has already been decided to remove this controversial chapter from the next academic year. “It has been decided to form a committee under the chairmanship of Rohith Chakratheertha, a member of the Kannada Development Authority. The government will announce the formation of a committee soon,” the sources said.

It has also been decided to appoint 16 other members, including representatives from the Rashtrothana Parishat,, the frontier organisation of RSS, researchers from Mythic Society, folklore studies and from other reputed institutions. The committee will also include representatives of reputed educational institutions of the state.

The committee will take a relook at the content of the page numbers 82 and 83 under the title “Reasons for the emergence of new religions” in the Social Science Part -1 textbook prescribed for Class 6 students.

The content given in the first two paragraphs under the title and six beginning lines of page number 83 will also be discussed. Sources explain that the content claiming drawbacks of Vedic religion giving way for the emergence of new religions will be dropped from the academic year 2021-22.

The committee will also take a relook at contentious issues related to religion in textbooks of Social Science, Environmental Science and Languages from Class 1 – 10.

The government has already directed the Department of Public Instruction to form a committee of experts and academicians to find out any content hurting sentiments of any religion in the form of lessons prescribed for children from Class 1 to 10.

The government has also said a high-level committee will further deliberate on the report by the Department of Public Instruction. Sources explained that the government is expected to announce the committee soon.

The decision to exclude the chapter from teaching was earlier opposed by experts who maintained that the students will lose out on critical thinking. It is to be seen how the academicians respond to the recent decision to overhaul all the textbooks from Class 1 to 10 on contentious religious issues in the state.

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Budget Session 2024: PM Modi Appeals To Opposition Parties To Set Aside ‘Bitterness’ Ahead Of Budget



Budget Session 2024: PM Modi Appeals To Opposition Parties To Set Aside 'Bitterness' Ahead Of Budget

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday appealed to all parliamentarians to rise above party politics and come together to work for the future of the country.

Addressing the press ahead of the Budget session of Parliament, PM Modi appealed to opposition parties doing “negative politics” to “get rid of past bitterness and come together.” “I would like to request all parliamentarians to participate in all discussions in the House, no matter how ideologically opposed they are. Opposite ideologies are not bad, but negative ideologies are. That is when the limit of thoughts come to an end. The country does not need negativity,” PM Modi said.

Urging all MPs to have progressive ideologies, the Prime Minister said, “The country needs a progressive ideology that fuels development and takes the country to great heights.” In an attack on the opposition for not allowing the House to function smoothly during the innaugral session of the Parliament after the new NDA government came back to power, PM Modi said that the MPs tried to stifle the voice of the government and the Prime Minister.

“In the first session after the formation of new government, they stifled the voice of the government that was elected to power by 140 crore people in the country through undemocratic means. For two and a half hours they tried to stifle the voice of the Prime Minister of the country. This does not find any place in the democractic principles of the country. They do not even repent this or are hurt by this,” PM Modi said.

Asking people to rise above party lines and represent the voices of the countrymen in the Parliament, PM Modi said, “I would like to tell everyone that people have sent us here for the country and not for our respective parties. This Parliament is not for our parties but for the country. This Parliament is not just restricted to Parliamentarians but for 140 crore people.” “I hope that we utilize the temple of democracy positive to fulfill the aspirations of ordinary citizens in India,” he added.

“I would like to ask all the parties to rise above party lines and dedicate themselves to the country and use this dignified platform of Parliament for the next 4.5 years. In the election year of January 2029, you can play any game, but till then we should participate for the empowerment of the farmers, youth and the country’, the Prime Minister said.

Third inaugural Budget

Greeting people on the first day of the month of Sawan, PM Modi said, “Today is the first Monday of Sawan. An important session is starting on this auspicious day. I extend my greetings to the countrymen on the first Monday of Sawan. The monsoon session of Parliament is starting today. Today the whole country is looking at it. This should be a positive session…” Prime Minister Modi said that it is a moment for pride for the government to present the inaugral budget for the third time after government formation after 60 years.

“…It is a matter of pride that after 60 years, a government has come to power for the third time and will present the first Budget for the third time…I have been giving guarantees to the people of the country and our mission is to bring this to the ground. This Budget is important budget for Amrit Kaal. Today’s budget will decide the direction for the next 5 years of our term. This budget will also become a strong foundation of our dream of ‘Viksit Bharat’…,” he said.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will table the Economic Survey 2023-24 in Parliament on Monday.

The Budget Session of Parliament which is commencing on Monday is likely to conclude on August 12.

The Session will have 16 sittings spread over 22 days. Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Kiren Rijiju said that this session will mainly be devoted to the financial business relating to the Union Budget for 2024-25 which will be presented to Lok Sabha on July 23.

The Economic Survey of India 2023-24 along with a statistical appendix will be laid on the table of the Houses of Parliament on Monday. The Budget for the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir for 2024 will also be presented on July 23. Union Ministers Jayant Chaudhary, Pankaj Chaudhary, Kirtivardhan Singh and Sukanta Majumdar will lay papers on the table in Lok Sabha on Monday.

Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will move a motion for the election of two members to the central building and other construction workers’ advisory committee in Lok Sabha.

Union Minister Manohar Lal will move the motion for election to the Rajghat Samadhi Committee (RSC).

Matters under Rule 377 is likely to be taken for discussion in Lok Sabha.

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Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express derails in UP, several coaches overturn




Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express derails in UP, several coaches overturn

Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express train accident: Several coaches of the Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express derailed near Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda on Thursday, prompting a frantic search and rescue operation by the authorities.

The Railways has confirmed the incident. One person has been reported dead, while more details about any casualties are awaited.

The incident occurred near Jhilahi railway station near Gonda district, which is some 118 kilometres away from Lucknow.

A video of the incident has also surfaced online, showing passengers collecting their belongings and people crowding around the derailed coaches.“The incident took place about 2.30 pm. This place is about 20 km away from Gonda district…two coaches have completely overturned and the derailed ones can be seen…casualties are not known yet but people have been running for lives,” a person at the incident site said. According to some media reports, four of the derailed coaches were air-conditioned ones.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, in a post on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), informed that the district administration officials have been directed to reach the accident site and speed up the relief work.

“The CM has instructed the officials to immediately take the injured to the hospital and provide them proper treatment. He also wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured,” the CM’s office said.

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Karnataka Bus Driver, Making Reel While Driving, Hits Bullock Cart From Behind Injuring Farmers, Killing 2 Bulls On Spot In Hubli




A government bus driver hit a bullock cart killing two bulls on the spot and severely injuring the farmers on it while making a reel in Karnataka’s Hubli on Wednesday.

In the purported video of the incident, the bus driver can be seen sitting behind the wheel as his aide makes a reel. Moments later, the video shows the bus colliding with the bullock cart on the road from behind.

As per reports, the bus in question belongs to the North Western Road Transport Corporation and was going towards Bagalkot at the time of the accident.

Case registered against driver

The impact of the collision was so powerful that the bulls fell down and started bleeding until they lost their lives. The two farmers from Chakkadi, severely injured, were rushed to a nearby hospital.

As per reports, a case has been registered against the bus driver at the Hubli Rural police station.

Red alert still in place for coastal regions

Meanwhile, with the rains not letting up and the monsoon still vigorous, the India Meteorological Department has extended the red alert for coastal Karnataka till July 18.

Since the intensity of rain has reduced in south interior Karnataka, the weather department has retracted the red alert for the region and has issued an orange one till July 20.

Even in coastal Karnataka, the downpour is expected to become less intense from July 19 onwards, with the weather department predicting that it would be under orange category for now.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Uttara Kannada Laxmipriya said that due to the relentless rain, the district had opened 26 care centres by the evening of July 16, including six in Karwar taluk, six in Kumta taluk and 14 in Honnavar taluk, sheltering 2,368 people.

According to her, in the last 24 hours, three houses were completely damaged, one severely and 18 partially, and one human life was lost due to a house collapse in Karwar taluk.

In case of emergencies, the DC said, the public can call the district administration’s emergency helpline number 1077 as well as the WhatsApp number 94835 11015.

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