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Thackeray-Shinde groups’ tug-of-war for Shiv Sena Dassehra Rally at Shivaji Park



The historic Shivaji Park ground here has become the new bone of contention between the two rival Shiv Sena factions, both clamouring to hold the annual calendar event, the Dassehra Rally.

The Shiv Sena President and ex-Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray is facing competition from the rebel faction led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, and even the Raj Thacekray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is toying with the idea of a rally at the Shivaji Park.

The annual mega-rally held on Vijaya Dashami or Dassehra Day each year is expected to be a litmus test on the Shiv Sena and the Shinde Group’s claims that it is the ‘real Shiv Sena’.

Both the factions have applied to the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for permission to hold the public rally there on October 5.

Rajya Sabha MP Anil Desai, close to Thackeray has sought permission on behalf of the Shiv Sena, while Dadar MLA Sada Sarvankar has submitted an application on behalf of the Shinde Group.

When asked about it, CM Shinde skirted a direct reply and said: “There is still time now… We are now celebrating Ganeshotsav and Anant Chaturdashi, then Navratri and Dassehra will come… How can I predict everything now? You will come to know in some more time.”

Nationalist Congress Party President Sharad Pawar said while anybody has the right to hold their rally at Shivaji Park, he urged Shinde “to avoid a confrontationist approach” with the Opposition.

Shiv Sena’s fomer mayor Kishori Pednekar slammed the turncoats, claiming they are apparently suffering from a ‘Ghajini-syndrome’ – referring to the 2008 blockbuster starring Aamir Khan in which he suffers a rare type of amnesia.

“They are trying to erase history. They have forgotten it is the Shiv Sena which started the tradition and has been holding the annual Dassehra rallies at Shivaji Park from 1966. They are attempting to fuel a law-and-order situation,” said Pednekar agitatedly.

Hoping to cash in on the sentiments, MNS Spokesperson Sandip Deshpande said on Saturday that many party activists want Raj Thackeray to address the rally this year, but said the final call would come only from the party chieftain.

NCP’s Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar said since they (Shinde Group) have power, they will try everything to get the Shivaji Park for their rally, and it is possible both (Thackeray and Shinde) may be allotted the venue for back-to-back rallies.

Shiv Sena’s Spokesperson Dr. Manisha Kayande, senior leader Ambadas Danve and others have slammed the Shinde Group for attempting to hijack the traditions initiated by the late Balasaheb Thaceray.

Founding the Shiv Sena on June 19, 1966, Balasaheb Thackeray had held his maiden Dassehra Rally at Shivaji Park – also known as the ‘Cradle of Indian Cricket’ – and since then it became his signature event.

Since the past 55 years, it has remained an unbroken tradition – except twice, in 2006 owing to torrential rains and in 2009 as it clashed with the Assembly elections – and a ‘must attend’ for all Shiv Sainiks in the state.

After Balasaheb Thackeray passed away on November 17, 2012, he was accorded a public funeral with his last rites performed in a corner of his favourite venue with several lakhs in attendance.

In 2020, the Dassehra rally was held online and in 2021, it was at the Shanmukhananda Hall, addressed by the former chief minister Uddhav Thackeray owing to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, but this time he has cracked the whip on the Shiv Sena to make full preparations at Shivaji Park — a stone’s throw away from Sena Bhavan, the party landmark headquarters since 1977.


Maha CM Shinde Announces ‘Ladla Bhai Yojana’: 12th Pass To Get Rs 6k/Monthly, Diploma Holders To Get..




Maha CM Shinde Announces 'Ladla Bhai Yojana': 12th Pass To Get ₹6k/Monthly, Diploma Holders To Get..

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government introduced a special scheme on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi on Wednesday. This new scheme called ‘Ladla Bhai Yojana’ is for youths who have passed the 12th grade. Under this scheme, students who have completed their 12th grade will receive Rs 6,000 per month. Additionally, students holding a diploma will receive Rs 8,000 per month, while those who have completed their graduation will be given Rs 10,000 per month.

This announcement by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde today in Pandharpur is being seen in the context of the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly elections later this year. It is suggested that the government has made this announcement to appeal to various segments of the population just months before the elections.

The opposition in Maharashtra has long been highlighting the issue of rising unemployment among the youth and the Shinde government’s announcement of financial assistance for young people can be seen as a response to these concerns.

Benefits In The Scheme

Announcing the scheme, CM Shinde stated that the government will provide financial support to the state’s youth for apprenticeships in factories where they will work. He emphasized that this is the first time in history that any government has introduced such a scheme, claiming it as a solution to the problem of unemployment. Under this scheme, the youth will be given opportunities for apprenticeships in factories and the government will provide them with a stipend.

Uddhav Thackeray’s Demand For Welfare Scheme For Boys

Uddhav Thackeray had recently raised the issue of unemployed youth in Maharashtra. Speaking to the media after a legislative session, he said that he demanded a scheme for boys in Maharashtra similar to the Ladli Behen scheme in Madhya Pradesh. He highlighted that there is no longer a distinction between boys and girls today, and thus, both should benefit equally from such schemes.

By launching the Ladla Bhai Yojana, the Shinde government aims to address the pressing issue of youth unemployment and provide financial assistance to help young people gain valuable work experience through apprenticeships. This initiative is also seen as a strategic move to gain favour with voters ahead of the assembly elections, showcasing the government’s efforts to support and empower the youth of Maharashtra.

Recently Announced ‘Ladli Behna Yojana’

This comes after the Ladli Behna Yojana was recently announced during the Monsoon session of the Maharashtra Assembly. The scheme, announced in the state budget tabled in the assembly by Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, is aimed at married, divorced and destitute women in the 21-60 age group, who will get a monthly assistance of Rs 1,500. Later the age bar was raised to 65 years, after an announcement by CM Shinde.

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Woman Dies After Accidentally Falling Off Third Floor Of Complex In Maharashtra’s Dombivli




Dombivali: In a shocking incident that has come to light from Maharashtra, a woman died after accidentally falling off from third floor of a complex in Dombivali on July 16, Tuesday. The incident took place in a complex called Globe State in Vikas Naka area on Dombivli East Kalyan Sheel Road. The deceased identified as Naginadevi Manjiram worked there as a cleaner.

The moment of fall was captured on a CCTV camera installed in the building. The chilling video of the unfortunate incident has gone viral on social media sites including X (formerly known as Twitter). The video has been shared by @vani_mehrotra on X.

Naginadevi who lived with her family at Tata Naka, Piswali was on duty at Globe State. Local media reports said that she along with her group of colleagues were standing near the protective wall of the lobby of the complex and were enjoying their break time. In the video it could be seen that the Naginadevi appears to be pushed by a man identified as Bunty who also ended up falling from the third floor along with her. While Bunty was saved, Naginadevi couldn’t be saved.

Naginadevi loses balance

Reports said that the colleagues including Naginadevi were joking among themselves when Bunty held her hand. In the video it could be seen that Bunty hugged Naginadevi. The pressure was so much that Naginadevi lost her balance and fell down, along with Bunty who was eventually prevented from falling by the by-standers. Unfortunately, Naginadevi fell from the third floor and died on the spot. In the video, bunty was seen rushing down the stairs soon after Naginadevi fell down.

Manpada police station has registered a case and investigation is underway. as the video capturing the moment of fall has given rise to a question whether it was indeed joking or a serious murder attempt in the garb of joking. Police are examining the CCTV videos and concerned people and eyewitnesses’ statements have been recorded. It is yet not confirmed if it was an accident or there was any possible foul play.

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Mumbai’s Bhayander-Churchgate Local Train Commuters Up In Arms Over Persistent Delay In Services




Mumbai's Bhayander-Churchgate Local Train Commuters Up In Arms Over Persistent Delay In Services

Mumbai: Commuters relying on the 7:43 am Bhayander-Churchgate local train have expressed frustration over consistent delays, prompting concerns about punctuality and service reliability. Despite assurances from railway authorities on social media platform, the issue remains unresolved.

A Frequent Commuter Highlights The Ongoing Delays On Social Media Platform X

Ranga Mithun, a frequent passenger, took to social media platforms ( X) on 16th July to highlight the ongoing delays, citing disruptions to daily schedules and inconvenience caused to commuters. 

“You guyz don’t take customer complaint seriously. I am continuously tweeting about this for Bhayandar Local 7.43 never running on time always gets delay around 15-20 minutes. Kindly give the solution urgently” Ranga Mithun posted on ‘X’ on 16th July.

Response Of Divisional Railway Manager Of Western Railway’s Mumbai Central Division

In response, the Divisional Railway Manager acknowledged the delays, attributing them to technical failures and operational challenges such as signal and point issues. The manager assured passengers that efforts were underway to mitigate delays and improve punctuality.

“Dear Passenger, Thank you for reaching out to us. We sincerely apologize for the delay of your trainThe train got delayed due to some technical failure & other failures i.e. (signal, point, ACP and run over, etc) However, all efforts are being made to run the train without further delay. The punctuality of this train will be closely monitored. Inconvenience or account of train delay is deeply regretted. we are committed to improving our service. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these circumstances. your complaint has been forwarded to a higher authority” replying to Ranga Mithun Divisional Railway Manager of WRs Mumbai Central division  posted on  ‘X’.

Despite these assurances, data from reliable sources such as M Indicator indicate that delays persisted as of July 17th, raising questions about the effectiveness of proposed solutions and the reliability of train schedules.

With approximately 30 lakh passengers utilizing the Western Railways’ Mumbai Central division suburban trains daily, the impact of delays on daily commuters remains substantial.

The Divisional Railway Manager reaffirmed the commitment to monitor the punctuality of the 7:43 am Bhayander Churchgate local closely and pledged to escalate the issue within the railway administration for swift resolution. Passengers, however, continue to express dissatisfaction over the recurrent delays, calling for concrete measures to ensure dependable and timely services.

Western Railways operates 1394 suburban trains daily, serving as a vital lifeline for Mumbai’s bustling commuter population. The persistent delays on the Bhayander Churchgate route highlight ongoing challenges in maintaining optimal service standards amidst technical and operational hurdles.

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