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Sonu Sood on hosting ‘Roadies 18’: As a host my responsibility is to keep the soul of ‘Roadies’ alive



Bollywood actor Sonu Sood says it was not easy for him initially to step into the shoes of host Rannvijay Singh on the reality show MTV ‘Roadies Journey to South Africa’.

According to him it was not an easy task to make a proper communication with the contestants and develop a bond with them but later he did it perfectly.

Sonu says: “When I was approached for the show, there were many things in my mind. Whether I will be able to carry on the legacy of this show and I will be able to speak to the contestants. I thought it’s not my cup of tea.”

“Then I thought about the concept of this show. As a host my responsibility is to keep the soul of ‘Roadies’, repackage it and make it a very positive and inspiring journey. After shooting for 40-45 days in South Africa I realised that I connected with the ex as well as new roadies and it was like a family reunion.”

The actor further shares that he is very happy with the response he is getting from his fans post he joined the show as a host.

“I’ve been getting so many calls and so many messages. In fact, when I travel, I meet so many people who say that they are watching Roadies together as a family – mother, father, sister and this is the first time that they are experiencing this. It’s very positive and inspiring.”

“It doesn’t matter if people from a particular state try for Roadies but now viewers will see the real roadies coming in when they watch the show,” he adds.

Ask him about his overall experience and how he finds the roadies on the show, he replies: “I am really able to connect with all the Roadies. Spending so much time together. You have seen them grow and change, away from families with no money and isolated places in tents and different locations and in tough conditions also so I think that brings the real roadie.”

“I’m really happy to see them getting the feel of real life. In fact, they also confess that they are different individuals. By the time the whole thing ended they had different temperaments.”

“They were aggressive. Sometimes they would fight but when our whole journey came together they felt they have grown as individuals and human beings. I think that was the real win for us,” he says.

On the question of what viewers can expect in the coming episode, he says: “Lots of fun tasks, lots of beautiful locations, bonding like never before. And of course, the judge, the host and the Roadies will all be in the same space.”

“The whole journey was like that we all learned together a lot and kind of stunts, the kind of tasks that we did really inspired a lot of people to try next time. And of course, people who have seen that, they would say we need to experience it once for sure in our lifetime.”

While sharing a few BTS moments, he reveals: “All the tasks are at different locations whether it’s Bungee Jumping, Skydiving or anything, every place was different geographically, the temperature to the whole look of the episode.”

“So, yes, Roadies are pretty excited and nervous to do Bungee Jumping and Skydiving. Roadies is all about overcoming your fears and you believe you can do something that was destined to happen and you just overcome your fear. Then you take that plunge.”

As a host, Sonu has to be neutral towards all the contestants and observe their games, he feels that each contestant is giving their best and it is difficult to mention any one.

“I can’t point out one roadie, every roadie has their own quality. They have their own style, their own temperament. I feel every single roadie on the episode was something who people will look upto.”

Sonu goes on: “In one episode you feel Soundous Moufakir or Kevin Almasifar is good, in the next time Baseer Ali or Kavya Khurana will perform better, in the next someone else will perform better.”

“So, they always used to surprise the way they used to handle the situation and they kept on changing because that’s the way they programme and nourish themselves. The show reveals new heroes every week.”

Recently there was a Roadies Roast that was mostly around the show. Comic artists that were part of it include Urjita Wani, Andy Reghu, Punit Pania, Sejal Bhat and Haseeb Khan. It was hosted by Karunesh Talwar.

Sonu says: “So, the whole roast is totally improvised. I actually never realized what roast is all about. We used to do it in college with friends. So when I shot today, this is something people weren’t expecting. It came quite naturally to me.”

‘Roadies’ is all about challenging tasks and Sonu as a host shares his take on physical and mental fitness.

“For me Roadies is an amazing special journey. No matter how busy you are, keep 1.5 to 2 hours for yourself. Believe you only have 22 hours and the rest 2 hours are for physical fitness. Your profession doesn’t matter- whether you are a businessman, actor or Roadie.”

“It is important to stay fit because only then you can enjoy what you have worked hard for. So yes, stay fit. There is a very special line in Roadies, ki ab rukna nahi hai. So don’t stop and keep giving your best and rest God will guide you,” he concludes.


Dhanush to lead the cast in Tamil big-budget film ‘Captain Miller’




 National-award winning actor Dhanush is joining hands with director Arun Matheswaran for ‘Captain Miller’, a period film set against the backdrop of the 1930s-40s, the makers announced on Saturday.

The movie, to be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, is being touted as the biggest-budget Tamil film in Dhanush’s career.

‘Captain Miller’ is presented by T.G. Thyagarajan of Sathya Jyothi Films and produced by Sendhil Thyagarajan and Arjun Thyagarajan. The film is co-produced by G. Saravanan and Sai Siddharth.

Director Arun Matheswaran has made some critically acclaimed movies and Sathya Jyothi Films is credited with setting benchmarks in the Tamil movie industry.

The project announcement video has Dhanush making a stylish entry riding a bike with his face masked, holding a rifle on his shoulder. Dhanush’s character name and the title is revealed as ‘Captain Miller’.

‘Captain Miller’ had created a huge buzz even before its official announcement, and to ensure that the project shapes up at its best, the team has undergone one year of the extensive pre-production phase.

Madhan Karky, who worked for films such as the ‘Baahubali’ franchise, ‘RRR’ and ‘Pushpa’, is penning the dialogues for the Tamil version of the movie. The other technicians include GV Prakash Kumar scoring music, Shreyaas Krishna handling cinematography, Nagooran taking care of editing, while T. Ramalingam is the art director.

Producer T.G. Thyagarajan of Sathya Jyothi Films said in a statement: “I am elated to announce our prestigious project ‘Captain Miller’, which I strongly believe will be one among the promising movies made at a grand scale from our production house. Working with iconic actor Dhanush has always been a great pleasure as our previous collaborations have been successful.

“When Arun Matheswaran narrated the script to me and Dhanush, both of us were excited, and wanted to materialize in a grand scale. I have always admired the director Arun’s unconventional thinking and maverick filmmaking methodologies to deliver exceptional movies are extraordinary. When he narrated the script, I was immensely impressed with his idea, and his engrossing screenwriting.

“It is great to have music director GV Prakash, whose Midas touch will escalate the stature of this movie. Every single actor and technician in this movie has already carved a niche of excellence, and their contribution is going to elevate ‘Captain Miller’ to a greater magnitude.”

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Adele shows up and conquers Hyde Park festival in London




The Rolling in the Deep hitmaker Adele recently graced the BST Hyde Park festival, her first big appearance here after five years.

The last time Adele headlined a massive outdoor run in her home city, in 2017, she cancelled the last two shows of her scheduled four-night Wembley Stadium stint after damaging her vocal cords. In fact, this was her first full live show since then, reports �Variety’.

As Adele started singing, she emerged with minimal fanfare, clad in an elegant black gown and statement earrings, singing “Hello”.

But she barely got through the first line before exclaiming, “I’m so happy to be here!” and asking the crowd for some vocal assistance.

‘Variety’ notes that the audience was fully on her side, the words to every heartbreak anthem echoing back along the seemingly endless rows of fans enjoying the evening sunshine. But Adele worked them anyway.

“It is strange to be in front of a crowd again,” she said at one point but, in truth, she remains a natural.

Before she sang �I Drink Wine’, she exclaimed, “I’m f****** shitting myself!” All exaggerated eyebrow raises and gurning to the fans who looked like they’d been following the song title’s advice to the letter.

But neither could many other singers pull off her cruise ship compering style, reading the signs held aloft in the crowd and congratulating people on birthdays, anniversaries, “divorce parties”, exam results (“I failed all my exams and I’m doing alright”).

As a final, string-drenched “Love is a Game” drifted across the fields, some actual fireworks lit up the crowd and more confetti arrived. This time, it was pink and red hearts, perfectly symbolising the renewed love affair between the UK’s capital and its prodigal daughter.

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John Bradly unravels the complicated life of his ‘Moonfall’ character




Actor John Bradly, who plays a conspiracy-addled and discredited scientist in the sci-fi released film ‘Moonfall’, which recently dropped on OTT, spoke about his character’s importance in the film’s narrative.

Directed, co-written and co-produced by Roland Emmerich, ‘Moonfall’ follows the story of a mysterious force that knocks the Moon from its orbit and hurls it on a collision course with Earth. John Bradley portrays K.C Houseman, who plays a key role in the desperate mission to save the Earth.

Discussing his character, Bradley said: “Houseman doesn’t have any friends, so he’s emotionally isolated. He’s also intellectually isolated because he collaborates with people who don’t have any time for the things that he believes in.”

The actor added: “He’s always trying to communicate his passions, interests, and theories, but nobody’s interested. We find him completely alone in the world, searching for a point of contact, a kindred spirit, an ear that wants to listen to what he has to say.”

However, not all is difficult for this aloof conspiracy theorist; talking about his character’s relationship with Brian Harper, Bradley noted: “He establishes a relationship with Brian. They become a team because they have this mutual understanding of what it feels like to not be listened to; that’s when we see him really blossom.”

He concluded by saying: “All KC needed was the right person to listen to what he has to say, and then he really comes into his own. All of his youthfulness, his skill set and abilities, the things that he’s best at in the world, were lying dormant, waiting for that one spark that is going to allow him to make a difference. That catalyst is meeting Brian.”

‘Moonfall’ is currently streaming on streaming platform Lionsgate Play.

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