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Gujarat: Water Level Crosses Danger Mark In Bharuch; List Of Trains Diverted Or Cancelled



Since water level has crossed the danger mark  on  bridge  no 502  between  Bharuch – Ankleshwar  (Vadodara division), the following trains have been cancelled/diverted:

1) 22930 Vadodara-Dahanu Road Jco 18-09-2023; fully cancelled

2) 22929 Dahanu Road. – Vadodara Jco 18-09-2023; fully cancelled

3) 09156 Vadodara – Surat Jco 18-09-2023; fully cancelled

4) 09155 Surat – Vadodara Jco 18-09-2023; fully cancelled

5) 09318 Anand – Vadodara Jco 18-09-2023; fully cancelled

6) 12939 Pune – Jaipur Jco 17-09-2023; diverted Via  Bhestan – Jalgaon – Bhusaval  – Itarasi – Bhopal  – Sant Hirdaram Nagar  – Nagda

7) 12928 Ekta nagar Dadar Express of 17-9-23; cancelled 

8) 22413 Madgaon -H Nizamuddin Express Jco 17.9.23; diverted via Udhna- Jalgaon – Bhusaval – Itarasi – Khandwa – Gwalior-Mathura

9) 22953 Mumbai -Ahmedabad Jco 18-09-23; cancelled.

10) 20901 Mumbai-Gandhinagar Vande Bharat Jco 18-09-23; cancelled

11) 20902 Gandhinagar-Mumbai Vande Bharat Jco 18-09-23; cancelled  

 12) 12009 Mumbai – Ahmedabad Shatabdi Exp Jco 18-09-23; cancelled

 13) 12010 Ahmedabad- Mumbai Jco 18-09-23; cancelled  

 14) 19015 Dadar – Porbandar Jco 18-09-23; cancelled

 15) 12934 Ahmedabad -Mumbai Jco 18-09-23; cancelled

 16) 12932 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Jco 18-09-23; cancelled

 17) 82902 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express Jco; 18-09-23 cancelled

 18) 22954 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Jco 18-09-23; cancelled

 19) 12933 Mumbai -Ahmedabad Jco 18-09-23; cancelled 

 20) 12931 Mumbai-Ahmedabad Jco 18-09-23; cancelled  

 21) 82901 Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express Jco 18-09-23; cancelled   

 22) 12471 Bandra Terminus-Sri Mara Vaishnodevi Katra Swaraj Express JCO 18-09-23; Cancelled  

23) 12925 Bandra T -Amritsar Jco 18-09-23; cancelled 

24) 09172 Bharuch -Surat Jco 18-09-23; cancelled

25) 04711 Bikaner-Bandra Jco 16-09-23 which was  short terminated at Ahmedabad will now  run up to its destination.


Pongal 2024: Mumbai Celebrates Harvest Festival Reflecting Rich Tamil Culture




Nearly 2000 people participated in Pongal festivities in and around Antop Hill on Monday. Mass Pongal celebration was carried out across various locations of the Sion Koliwada constituency and was facilitated by MLA Captain R Tamil Selvan who continues to organise these events embracing the harvest season and Tamil culture for more than a decade now.

In a beautiful display of cultural richness, locals dressed in traditional attires prepared Pongal reciting folk songs, raising the festival mood. The event saw them setting up their Pongal pots in the midst of sugarcane, flowers, and rangolis. The celebration was notably marked at the Antop Hill Cement Ground with about a thousand people lifting the festival spirit on the auspicious day. Other areas that observed Pongal on a grand scale included New 90 Feet Road, Kamaraj Nagar, Vijay Nagar, and the Malai Mariamman temple in Naik Nagar among a few others.

Captain Selvan was seen visiting the spots and joining the public in the celebration. “Pongal is associated with agriculture. Tamilians of various religious beliefs celebrate this festival together without any discrimination. This is the significance of Pongal,” he said while extending Pongal greetings.

The event was not confined to only the Tamil-speaking people celebrating the occasion as it saw women from diverse cultural backgrounds mark the festival. While Tamilians gathered there to celebrate Pongal, others enjoyed the Makar Sankranti festivities in the region with similar rituals involving boiling water and preparing food in their pots.

Pongalo Pongal” chants were heard during the celebration as women prayed to seek prosperity for their families while boiling and expecting their pots to overflow with the Pongal preparation.

Throwing more light on the harvest festival, the MLA acknowledged that the first dam built in the world was built by Karikala, a Tamilian. “Tamilians introduced the concept of building dams to stop running (river) water and distribute it for agricultural usage. Karikala from the Chola Dynasty constructed the Kallanai Dam over the Kaveri River running in Trichy.”

Several people admire the Tamil language and its treasurable culture, including PM Narendra Modi who recently inaugurated the Kashi Tamil Sangamam at Namo Ghat in Varanasi and mentioned about Pongal and remembered prominent Tamil personalities like Subramania Bharathiyar, Bharathidasan, and Thiruvalluvar.

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Ram Temple Consecration: Tailor Awaits Ram Lalla’s Measurements Causing Delay In Making Of Sacred Garments




Lucknow: In the vicinity of Vashishtha Kund, the rhythmic hum of machines in the workshop of Bhagwat Prasad Pahadi, the tailor entrusted with the crafting of attire for Ram Lalla, kept playing out.

However, an unexpected hurdle has brought the needle and thread to a temporary pause. The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust is yet to provide the crucial measurements of the idol of Ram Lalla, and thereby, work on sewing the sacred clothing is pending.

Tailor Says, ‘All The Garments Will Be Ready In 2 Days’

Bhagwat Prasad Pahadi expresses his predicament, stating that without the necessary measurements from the trust, he cannot stitch the clothes of Ram Lalla. Once the green signal is received, he assures that all the garments for Ram Lalla will be ready within a maximum of two days.

Currently, Bhagwat has readied three distinct costumes for the revered idol one in white, another in yellow, and the third in red. Champat Rai has so far revealed that the idol will be 51 inches tall and ‘shyamvarna’ (dusky). But he is yet to reveal other specifications.

Sacred pause not with standing, Bhagwat is inundated with orders from devotees not only within the state but across the country. Calls are pouring in from Jaipur, places in Madhya Pradesh, Makrana, Gujarat, and Haridwar, highlighting the widespread demand for Ram Lalla’s attire.

“So far, I have made over 25,000 dresses and more orders are pouring in. This shows the devotion and faith of the people in Ram Lalla,” he said.

The meticulous work of crafting the wardrobe for Ram Lalla involves a budget of approximately Rs.10,000. This comprehensive set includes three curtains, a large bedsheet, six smaller bedsheets, six dupattas, and a quilt.

Bhagwat said that each day is dedicated to a specific colour for Ram Lalla’s attire. White on Monday, red on Tuesday, green on Wednesday, yellow on Thursday, cream on Fridays, blue on Saturday, and pink on Sunday. This adherence to a weekly colour code adds a symbolic and spiritual dimension to the attire.

Despite the challenges posed by the delay in measurements, Pahadi remains committed to his craft and awaits the necessary information from the trust. The intricate detailing and significance attached to each garment reflects the dedication of not only the tailor but also of the countless devotees, who eagerly anticipate the completion of the task.

As Ayodhya continues to be a focal point of spiritual and cultural significance, the meticulous preparation of every element associated with the revered deity stands as a testament to the devotion and reverence that abides in this sacred city.

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Mumbai’s Marine Drive Witnesses Spectacular Aerial Display By IAF In Co-ordination With Maha Govt




Mumbai witnessed a spectacular aerial display by the Indian Air Force in co-ordination with the Government of Maharashtra on Friday between 12 pm to 1 pm. With powerful demonstrations and captivating energy, the event took place over Marine Drive and will include aerobatic displays by the Suryakiran Aerobatic Display Team (SKAT) and the ‘Sarang’ Helicopter display team. The display will take place daily 12 pm to 1 pm till 14 January 2024.

Event by IAF & Maha Govt

The Indian Air Force (IAF) in collaboration with the Shiv Sena leader and chief minister Eknath Shinde-led Maharashtra Government had announced the “Mumbai Air Show 2024″. The show includes aerobatic displays by the Suryakiran Aerobatic Display Team (SKAT) and the ‘Sarang’ Helicopter display team.

The official statement in which the announcement was made said that Mumbai Air Show 2024 would feature a diverse range of aerial activities, including a flypast and low-level aerobatic display by the Su-30 MKI, freefall and parachute displays by the ‘Akashganga’ team and C-130 aircraft.

Suryakiran Aerobatic Team designated as a brand ambassador for IAF

Established in 1996, the Suryakiran Aerobatic Team has been designated as a brand ambassador for the Indian Air Force. It is a part of the 52nd Squadron of the IAF. The team is composed of 13 pilots and operates Hawk MK 132 aircraft, according to news agency.

The Indian Air Force organised the aerial display in Mumbai as part of its outreach program in co-ordination with the Government of Maharashtra. The outreach programme aims to create awareness and foster a deeper connection between the Indian Air Force and the local community. A defence spokesperson said, “The captivating displays and demonstrations will showcase the skills, capabilities, and professionalism of the IAF.”

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