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‘Drugs, Dawood & money laundering’, Shirazi’s interrogation opens up a Pandora’s box



The recent arrest of Ali Asgar Shirazi (41), an alleged drug trafficker, by the Mumbai Police’s Anti Extortion Cell (AEC), has caused significant concern among the United Kingdom’s narcotics smuggling kingpins. These individuals have established extensive connections with the notorious global terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim.

Shirazi’s interrogation exposes drug trafficking cartel

Sources within the Mumbai police revelations from Shirazi’s interrogation have opened up a Pandora’s box, unraveling the intricate web of criminal activities orchestrated by these individuals. It has has exposed several drug traffickers associated with the notorious criminal organisation, D Company. The investigation has unveiled details of their investments in the United Kingdom, India, and other countries, shedding light on their extensive money laundering operations.

During the ongoing investigation, one name that has emerged is that of Bob Khan. According to sources in the security setup, Khan has been missing for the past few years and is believed to be operating from London. It has been revealed that Khan, along with Jabir Motiwala from Pakistan, played a key role in orchestrating Dawood Ibrahim’s global drug trafficking operations in the United Kingdom. Previously, they had collaborated with drug lord Iqbal Mirchi, but after Mirchi’s death in August 2013, Dawood absorbed his operations into his own empire with the assistance of Bob Khan and Jabir Motiwala. It is also known that Khan had a close association with the late General Parvez Musharraf.

Jabir Moti’s name emerges in UK operations

The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a sting operation that led to the apprehension of Jabir Moti, a key figure involved in the distribution of hard drugs in the U.S. In August 2018, when Jabir was arrested by the U.K. police, the FBI requested his extradition. However, this request faced strong opposition from Jabir’s lawyers. Notably, the Pakistani high commission in London displayed a keen interest in the legal proceedings. Surprisingly, the FBI suddenly withdrew its request for extradition, raising eyebrows.

Jabir is reportedly in poor health and currently based in Karachi, where Dawood Ibrahim maintains his headquarters. Despite his illness, Jabir continues to oversee Dawood’s drug business, while the financial aspects are managed by Bob Khan, as per information from police sources. The interplay of these individuals highlights the complex nature of their criminal activities and the network they have established.

Druglord Kailash Rajput in Ireland

According to Mumbai Police Crime Branch records the name of  Kailash Rajput also figured prominently during the questioning of Shirazi. Rajput is believed to be holed in Ireland. 

Based on the information disclosed by Shirazi, the Anti Extortion Cell (AEC) has discovered the existence of multiple drug-processing laboratories in Gujarat and Rajasthan. These laboratories were involved in the production and processing of drugs such as methaqualone, commonly known as mandrax. Shirazi’s operations included dispatching these drugs to various destinations worldwide using regular courier companies.

Bob Khan’s web of companies

Classified dossiers maintained by intelligence agencies, have revealed extensive details about the massive money laundering operations orchestrated by Bob Khan. These documents disclose the names of 17 front companies utilised by Khan in his illicit activities. Additionally, it has been uncovered that Khan made significant investments in Cyprus, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain under benami names on behalf of Dawood Ibrahim. The investigation has also brought to light a Foundation controlled by Khan’s relatives, which was previously uncovered during an international investigative journalists’ operation known as the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers report highlighted the hoarding of billions of shady funds in tax havens, with several Indian names implicated. However, there has been limited investigation by Indian authorities into this matter, despite the involvement of several Indian individuals.

During its investigation into narco terror funding, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) uncovered significant information regarding Bob Khan and his connections with Jabir Moti and Kailash Rajput.


Thane Crime: Man Held For Strangling His Mentally-Challenged Daughter To Death In Dombivli




Thane, September 25: A 35-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly strangling his 10-year-old mentally-challenged daughter to death in their house in Thane district of Maharashtra a day before, police said on Monday. The couple has four daughters, aged between 5 to 14, and the youngest of them lives with her grandparents in their native village, a police official said.

Agrahari is an alcoholic and used to beat his wife

The accused Manoj Agrahari allegedly strangled his daughter, Lovely, at their home in Dombivli when other members had gone out, an official said quoting the FIR. Agrahari is an alcoholic and used to beat his wife, he said.

The accused works at a grocery shop while his wife is employed at a company

The accused works at a grocery shop while his wife is employed at a company in the MIDC area of Dombivli. The victim, Lovely, has been mentally challenged and also speech and hearing impaired since her birth.

When the girl rushed home she saw her sister lying dead on bed and alerted her mother

According to the complaint, Agrahari went to the scrap shop where his 14-year-old daughter was working on Sunday and told her that Lovely was dead. When the girl rushed home she saw her sister lying dead on bed and alerted her mother, the official said. Police have registered a case of murder under the Indian Penal Code and conducting further investigation.

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Lookout Notice Issued Against Kerala Vlogger Who Forcefully Kissed, Touched Saudi Woman’s Breasts In Hotel Room




Kochi: Kerala Police has issued a lookout notice against YouTuber Shakir Subhan after a Saudi Arabian woman alleged that the vlogger sexually assaulted her at a hotel in Kochi. The woman alleged that the YouTuber misbehaved with her at the hotel where the woman came to meet her along with someone at the event at the hotel in Kochi.

The incident occurred at a hotel in Kochi

The incident occurred on Wednesday (September 13) at a hotel when the vlogger invited the woman at the hotel for an interview and then tried to harass her when her friend left the room for some work. The police registered a case in connection with the matter and called the Vlogger- Mallu Treaveller for interrogation but he managed to escape out of the country.

The police said that he has left the country

The police said that he has left the country and is trying to get anticipatory bail in the case filed against him. However, the Kerala Police has issued a lookout circular against Shakir Subhan in connection with the case. The woman took to YouTube and said, “I am making this video to clarify something that happened to me. Shakir Shubhan invited me and Jiyan (Name changed) to Ernakulam for a meeting. We went to meet Shakir at the lobby of the hotel. He then invited us to his room. Jiyan then left the room, Shakir molested me. He touched my both hands and he forcefully pushed me to bed.”

‘He touched my breast and kissed my cheeks’

She further said, “He touched my breast and kissed my cheeks. I pushed him away and stood up from the bed. He came back and rubbed his private part to my bed. I pushed him again and asked him why are you doing this? He said I am a man and have horny feelings and want to have sex with you. When Jiyan came back, I told him we should go. I did not tell him then what happened as I thought Jiyan and Shakir will have fight.”

‘We reached our hotel that’s when I told Jiyan and told the Saudi Embassy in Delhi’

She also said, “We reached our hotel that’s when I told Jiyan and told the Saudi Embassy in Delhi and the consulate in Mumbai. I am thankful to them and the Kerala police. My father is a government officer and I have a degree in law. Malayalis accepted me as daughter-in-law and My message to women in Kerala is if you face anything like this then do not hesitate to go and complain to the police.”

Shakir Subhan said that the allegations are baseless

Shakir Subhan has said that the allegations are baseless and said that the woman is trying to blackmail him. He also said that the complaint that has been filed against him is false and that the matter is of honeytrap. He also said that he will counter the allegations that has been levelled against him by the woman with sufficient evidence. The police said that the investigation related to the matter has been delayed as Shakir has left the country.

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Rajasthan Horror: Mother & Uncle Kill 8-Year-Old After Being Caught While Making Out In Bharatpur; Arrested




Bharatpur: A shocking incident has come to light from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur where a woman and her brother-in-law have been arrested for the murder of the woman’s son. The mother and her brother-in-law, who is the uncle of the kid who was murdered, were having an illicit affair. The mother and the uncle of the eight-year-old child strangled him to death. They buried the dead body of the kid after killing him in a field. They murdered the kid over two years ago and were arrested after the police cracked the case.

The incident occurred in February 2021

The incident occurred in 2021 in Chandanpura village which falls under the Rupbas police station area. AS per reports the father of the kid Gyan Singh registered a police complaint after his son Golu went missing in February 2021. The police initiated a search operation after registering the complaint. The police after conducting an investigation found the dead body of Golu after three days from a fiels in the village.

The police were not able to nab the killers of the kid

The police then started an investigation to nab the killers. However, the police were not able to nab the killers of the kid and closed the case after filing an FIR of murder in December 2021. The father of the kid did not give up and was adamant about finding the killers of his son. He filed a petition in the Jaipur High Court and demanded an inquiry into the case. The Jaipur High Court after hearing the matter the court ordered an inquiry into the matter by higher authorities.

The uncle and mother of the kid were having an affair

A team was formed under Nitiraj Singh who is the Circle Officer (CO) of Bayana and the investigation was initiated once agains to nab the killers of the eight year old child. The police then found out that the uncle and mother of the kid were having an affair. The uncle has been identified as Krishna Kant and the mother has been identified as Hemlata. They were called to the police station for interrogation.

They both were arrested after two years of murder

Initially, they denied their involvement in the murder of the kid. However, after a thorough interrogation they both gave up and confessed to the crime. They said that the kid had seen them in a compromising position. They strangled Golu to death over the fear that their affair will be revealed in public. Later they buried the dead of the kid in the field. They both have been arrested for the murder of the kid and are in police custody.

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