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Watch Video: Toll Naka Staff Beat Passengers Over Scuffle At Mumbai-Nashik highway



On a long distance travel, we often come across toll nakas, where we pay certain amount to pass by the newly constructed brigde or road. What if you don’t have money in change? You either get a change from the toll naka staffers or else you might pass on from free. But, its rare to see, toll naka men get furious over and beat up the passengers over money. Lately, a video has been went viral at Padgha toll naka on Mumbai-Nashik highway, where staffers can be seen beating the passengers in a brutal way.

In last few years,  Mumbai-Nashik expressway was widened by Gammon Infra and Sadbhavana Engineering. The project was later sold to Peak Infrastructure in 2016.

In the video, it is quite clear that toll naka staffers are beating the passengers infront of others. Someone has recorded the whole incident and shared it online, which went viral. It was reported that the incident occured on Sunday evening when the passenger couldn’t able to give money in change, which made the toll naka staffer angry.

According to locals, this is not the first time that such an incident took place at this particular toll naka. Mumbai Press has earlier reported about this particular issue still things didn’t resolved.

When Mumbai Press contacted project in charge Anirudh Singh, he failed to give his opinion over the matter.



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Delhi riots: Court dismisses Tahir Hussain’s bail pleas, says he acted as ‘kingpin’



Tahir Hussain

A Delhi court on Thursday dismissed bail applications filed by former Aam Aadmi Party Councillor Tahir Hussain in three cases, on the grounds that there is ocular evidence of his active role in the Delhi riots and that he used his muscle power and political clout to act as a kingpin in its planning.

The former political leader had moved the court seeking bail in three cases pertaining to the Delhi riots case. Besides these three, Hussain is an accused in eight other cases of communal riots. In February, clashes between the pro citizenship law supporters and anti-CAA protesters had spiraled out of control, leaving 53 people dead and 748 people injured.

Dismissing the three applications, Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Yadav noted, “It is prima facie apparent that he used his muscle power and political clout to act as a kingpin in planning, instigating and fanning the flames of communal conflagration. I find that there is enough material on record to presume that the applicant was present at the spot and was exhorting the rioters.”

The court further said that he used rioters as “human weapons”, who on his instigation could have killed anybody. “The Delhi riots 2020 are a gaping wound in the conscience of a nation aspiring to be a major global power. The allegations against the applicant are extremely grave in nature,” the judge added.

The court went on to say that there is enough ocular evidence of independent witnesses to presume that the applicant was present at the spot of crime and was exhorting the rioters.

“I am reminded of a famous English saying which says that when you choose to play with embers, you cannot blame the wind to have carried the spark a bit too far and spread the fire. So, when the applicant is at receiving end now, he cannot pass on the buck by simply taking a plea that since he did not participate physically in the riots, so he has no role to play in the riots.”

The Additional Sessions Judge added, “It is a matter of record that public witnesses in the aforesaid matters are residents of the same locality and if released on bail at this stage, the possibility of the applicant threatening or intimidating them cannot be ruled out. Considering the facts and circumstances of the case(s) in totality, I do not find it to be a fit case for grant of bail.”

Senior advocate K.K. Manon and advocate Uditi Bali, representing Hussain, had argued that their client is being falsely implicated in the matters by the “investigating agency and his political rivals with the sole purpose of harassing him by abuse of the machinery of law”.

Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) Manoj Chaudhary had vehemently opposed the three bail pleas asserting that Hussain’s call detail records confirm his presence at or around the scene of the crime on the dates of the incidents.

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Uttar Pradesh cop suspended over beard



Intezar ali suspended for keeping beard

Sub-inspector in Uttar Pradesh Police, Intesar Ali, has been suspended and sent to the police lines, and all this for keeping a beard without permission.

Ali had been warned thrice to shave off or seek requisite permission for the same.

However, the policeman did not seek permission and continued to keep the beard.

SP Baghpat Abhishek Singh said that as per the police manual only Sikhs are allowed to keep a beard while all other policemen have to remain clean-shaven.

“If any police personnel want to keep a beard, he has to seek permission for the same. Intesar Ali was repeatedly asked to seek permission but he did not comply and kept the beard without permission,” the SP said.

Ali joined the police force as sub-inspector and was posted in Baghpat since the past three years.

He told reporters that he had applied permission to keep a beard but got no response.

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Uttar Pradesh STF to probe conspiracy angle in Hathras




The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) will now investigate the alleged conspiracy angle in the Hathras incident and the events that took place after it.

According to intelligence reports received by the Uttar Pradesh and Delhi Police, there were attempts to push the state into caste conflict to tarnish the image of the Yogi Adityanath government after the alleged gang rape and murder of a Dalit woman in the district.

Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) Hitesh Chandra Awasthi confirmed on Thursday that a part of the probe into Hathras case was being handed over to the UP STF.

A probe team has also been formed under an ASP-rank officer.

Senior officials said that all 19 FIRs — six in Hathras and the remaining in Bijnor, Bulandshahr, Lucknow, Prayagraj, Mathura, Shamli and Saharanpur — lodged in connection with unlawful protest and inciting hatred on social media would now be probed by the STF.

The team will also look into the reports of crowdfunding and conspiracies to discredit the government.

“The STF will also probe circulation of fake news and use of edited photographs to create disturbance,” the official said.

Police said some specific groups used social media platforms to spread hatred and incite people to indulge in caste conflict and unlawful gathering in times of Covid-19 pandemic.

The claims that some groups offered Rs 50 lakh to the victim’s family to speak in their favour will also be investigated.

Enforcement Directorate (ED) is already questioning the members of the Popular Front of India (PFI) who were arrested for trying to create disturbance in Hathras.

On October 7, Uttar Pradesh Police had filed first FIR against four PFI members in Mathura who were allegedly going to Hathras to disrupt peace.

It may be recalled that the CBI is already investigating the case while a special investigation team (SIT) has also been set up by the state government to probe the case.

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