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Singer Guru Randhawa would like to act in a romantic film someday



Guru Randhawa 18 million followers. (Photo: Durga Chakravarty/IANS)

Guru Randhawa dons many hats, as a singer, lyricist and composer. He hopes someday to act in a romantic film, too.

Guru’s acting skills are visible in his music videos, including the news ones — “Baby girl” and “Naach meri rani”.

Asked if starring in a film is the next step, Guru told IANS: “I have been getting acting offers, but I don’t think I am ready for it. Whenever possible, I will do. Abhi thoda sa keeda aa raha hai acting wala (am getting bitten by the acting bug). I am following the works of certain actors, too. I will definitely do some acting, but not right now. I would like to do a nice romantic film with nice songs.”

He looks up to Hollywood as well as Bollywood stars.

“I love Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shah Rukh Khan Sir, Salman Khan Sir, Aamir Khan Sir, Akshay Kumar Sir. There is so much to learn from their journey. I play their films and try to act like them,” said Guru.

Apart from his new music, he has been in news for his body transformation.

“I used to do gym, but not this way. But when lockdown started, I promised myself that I would fully transform myself over the next four to five months. So I worked hard. I wanted to look this way. Super legendary heroes are so fit, I also wanted to look like them,” said the singer.

Right now it’s all about his songs, which tend to be more on the fun and romantic lines.

He said that that the simple things in life inspire him.

“If I hear a new word, see something new, I write it and gradually they get released. Like ‘Baby girl’ is a conversation between a girl and boy where the guy asks ‘where are you going?’ A lot of people in daily life say ‘banja tu meri rani’ (be my queen) but are not able to actually say it, so we gave them a song,” said Guru on what inspires him to write songs.

Over the last few weeks, he has been churning out new singles. Not just that, he also did a private show amidst pandemic in June.

“Everyone took it positively. We took all the precautions, but I was really scared,” said Guru.

He promises to return to the stage soon. “We have enquiries, so we will be on stage. Wedding season is coming up, so we might do private shows in Delhi, Jaipur and Dubai,” he signed off.


Lizaa Malik helps employees in Delhi amid Covid-19 crisis




Actress Lizaa Malik is in the city to help her employees, who have tested positive for Covid-19.

“It’s a precarious time for everyone. Things are falling off for a lot of people. We have about 50 of our employees who tested positive. This is the time we have to stand for them and I am not turning away,” Lizaa said.

Lizaa added she, along with her business partner, is providing for ICU beds and anything else that might be required — be it financially or emotionally.

“We are in it together and we will stand strong. I request everyone to follow all the SOPs and take care of themselves. Stay indoors if it’s not an emergency. And this too shall pass. We have to fight this battle together,” she said.

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Anshuman Jha ‘had to be extra careful’ playing gay character in new film




Actor Anshuman Jha plays a homosexual boy in the upcoming film “Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele”, and he says he was careful to avoid stereotypes and caricatures that often accompany the portrayal of gay characters in films.

“I did feel responsible as an actor when I took this character because being a heterosexual man who was playing a homosexual character, I had to be extra careful and sensitive towards the portrayal. I do not want to play Veer (his role) in a caricaturish manner, on in those stereotyped ways,” Anshuman told IANS.

“Honestly, playing a gay man with sensitivity was a genuine challenge and I did a certain amount of research work, and interacted with people. I have friends in the LGBTQ community, too, so I have a certain amount of insight. I hope the audience sees it in my performance,” he added.

The film directed by Harish Vyas is about a homosexual boy and a lesbian girl on a road trip that lets them discover the essence of love in friendship. While Anshuman plays the gay boy, Zareen Khan essays the lesbian girl.

“I think acceptance of different voices is important, and that was the most important part of the story. I remember Harish sir shared the story of the film in a few lines to me in a cab as we rode from the New York airport to our destination. He told me it is a story of a boy, and a girl and a road trip. I said ok, what else? He said they are soulmates. The boy is gay, and the girl is a lesbian. During the journey, they discover pure love and friendship that they share for each other. I was just hooked there. It was a fascinating story for me, and the dimension between the boy and the girl from the LGBTQ community also shows their side of the story, and how they struggle in our society for acceptance,” said Anshuman.

The film has been screened at various international film festivals and has also won a few awards. Anshuman bagged Best Actor (jury) at the Rajasthan International Film Festival and the film received the Best Film Audience Choice Award at the HBO South Asian Film Festival.

“Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele” releases on Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Disney+ Hotstar Premium on May 9.

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Lyricist Amitabh S. Verma on directing web series ‘Teen Do Paanch’




Lyricist Amitabh S. Verma, who has also directed short films as “Hotel Park Street” and “Bhor”, has helmed his first series “Teen Do Paanch”, starring Shreyas Talpade and Bidita Bag.

The series tells a couple’s story, about how their life changes after they adopt three kids.

“I have always liked slice-of-life films that are in the real space and relatable. We have tried to make the series as real as possible. This is a story my wife Shruti Anindita Vermaa, who is a known television producer and director, had written. We adapted that into a series and added a lot of elements. All these elements in the series have been taken from real life and I am sure many people are going to relate to it. Adoption is a serious theme but we have treated it in a light manner so that it doesn’t become too heavy for the viewers,” Verma told IANS.

He says working with Shreyas Talpade was a treat. “Working with Shreyas Talpade is a dream come true. I have always been a fan of his. He is not only a brilliant actor but also a great human being and now a friend for life. His humility is exemplary. Many a time, we had to shoot for more than 12 hours at a stretch because we had to finish the shoot within 25 days, but he never ever complained. He was always ready with his costume and makeup and always on time. I don’t think we have many actors who are as professional as him. It was a great experience working with him and I would love to work with him again,” he says.

Verma has a lot of work in the pipeline.

“I am writing a feature film that will be shot in July if everything is okay. My wife is going to direct a feature film. Right now, I am also writing her film. A lot of documentaries and a superb travel series are in the pipeline. I am also casting for my next feature film. It is a comedy that I am sure will be loved by people,” he declares.

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