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Samajwadi Party’s Inhuman Behaviour Against Municipal School Students




Due to upcoming Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Political leaders are leaving no stone unturned to lure the common masses. Lately, a political event has been organised in Mumbai’s Nagpada junction area by Samajwadi Party’s local corporator Rais Shaikh, which was about to witness the installation of tallest Indian flag in Mumbai. The chief guest of this event was none other than Abu Asim Azmi, who is Maharashtra president of Samajwadi Party. The inauguration of the programme was done by Mumbai’s Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar. Well, the shocking thing about the event is, hundreds of Municipal students were being called without statutory permission to be present at the Nagpada junction venue by Rais Shaikh.
In the particular event, Rais Shaikh has changed the Nagpada junction’s Ziauddin Bukhari Chowk name to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Chowk. As per the reports, it is not the first time, the Nagpada Junction’s chowk name has been changed. In 1997, Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi has changed the chowk name to Ziauddin Bukhari Chowk.
According to reports, the installation of the tallest Indian flag in Nagpada junction in Mumbai, which is 25 meters high, had cost rupees 5 crores. To woo the local area people, corporator Rais Shaikh has reportedly claimed that the whole project has been funded by him. Through the help of local URDU newspapers, he even tried to portray that Shiv Sena party was against the installation of the Indian National Flag at Nagpada Junction.
Well, when Mumbai Press has approached to Mumbai’s mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, he said, “Shiv Sena was never against to this project. It was due to Shiv Sena only such huge fund has been passed for this project. Even, Bharat Ratna awardee Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Chowk name has been put up in the house by Shiv Sena himself, on which final decision will be taken soon.”
The locals aren’t that happy with the overall cost of Rs. 5 crores for this project. As per them, there are many other local problems for the residents that could have been solved with this money.
In this particular event at Nagpada’s junction, the one who has suffered the most are the innocent municipal students. As per the reports, these local BMC school students have been called at around 8 am at the Nagpada junction venue, without any official permission from the BMC education department. These students were standing at one place for hours, until the event ended in the afternoon. It is being reported that few kids faced health related problems due to long-standing at one place.
When parents got to know about the troublesome situation of their kids at the event, they immediately reached to local area’s MLA Waris Pathan. Soon, meals and breakfast have been provided by the Waris Pathan and all the students were being sent to their home.
When Mumbai Press approached to MLA Waris Pathan, he said, “I thought that these students have necessary mandatory permissions from the education department to be at the particular event but he later got to know that this cheap thing has been done by the local corporator without any permission.”
Waris Pathan even went on to say that these kinds of political leaders can go at any extent for their political gain and that’s why they called the students at the event without permission. He wants a police inquiry should be done in this matter. Even, Mumbai’s Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar says that it was Rais Shaikh’s personal decision to call municipal school students to the event. If he did this to gather a huge crowd in the event then it is totally wrong.
Mumbai Press also approached to BMC education officer Mahesh Palkar, who denies giving any permission to the students to visit at the Nagpada junction event. Mahesh Palkar says necessary inquiry will be done in this case. On the other hand, when Mumbai Press has approached to Rais Shaikh, he wasn’t available for the comments.
There are also reports floating which claims that local area education officer has given permission to the students for this particular event but there is no official confirmation to it.


Supreme Court seeks Maharashtra Assembly response on Arnab’s plea challenging show-cause




The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued notice on a plea by journalist and anchor Arnab Goswami challenging a September 16 showcause notice sent to him by the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for his criticism of the government inaction in the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

A bench headed by Chief Justice S.A. Bobde said the court understands the gravity of the matter. “But this is only a showcause notice and there is no privilege motion,” said the bench.

Senior advocate Harish Salve, representing Goswami, submitted: “I am on jurisdiction. Assembly’s jurisdiction cannot extend beyond the House.”

The Chief Justice said the privilege motion is usually dealt with by a committee of privileges and there needs to be a charge by the committee.

Salve replied that the Secretary has sent it and it says that the journalist was critical of the Chief Minister.

The 60-page notice against Goswami was sent after motions were moved against him by the Shiv Sena in both the Houses of the Maharashtra Assembly.

The Chief Justice told Salve the Speaker may have directed the secretary to do that and asked him “Where is the committee of privileges looking into this matter? “

Salve submitted that he has placed the debates of the House on record and asked the court that his client may have defamed somebody, but how does the House have jurisdiction? The Chief Justice said you can reply to the showcause notice.

The bench noted that most of breach is outside the Assembly, as someone says members of the Assembly are all criminals. Salve responded that even that would not be a breach and it can only be a case of defamation. The bench queried Salve, you are saying breach is not like contempt?

Salve submitted before the bench that he hoped nothing is done to his client till this matter is pending before the court. After a brief hearing on the matter, the bench issued notice, which is returnable in one week.

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Shiv Sena to decide soon on contesting Bihar polls



Sanjay Raut.

The Maharashtra-based Shiv Sena will soon take a decision on contesting the upcoming Bihar Assembly elections, party MP and Chief Spokesperson Sanjay Raut said here on Tuesday.

“There are a lot of demands from our people there. We shall discuss it with party President and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and decide on whether to contest the Bihar Assembly polls or not,” Raut told mediapersons.

On the move by ex-top police official of Bihar, former DGP Gupteshwar Pandey’s decision to join politics, the Sena leader said he was free to do whatever he wants since that’s his personal choice.

“Our objection was to the manner in which he painted the Mumbai Police in a bad light in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. He tried to drive a wedge between the police and people of the two states for his advantage when he was the DGP,” Raut said.

To a question whether the Sushant case was a conspiracy to tarnish the image of state Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray, Raut replied in the affirmative, but declined to elaborate.

However, he pointed out that the Shiv Sena has emerged unscathed from the entire episode, but those who attempted to throw muck at the party, screaming at the top of their lungs on television channels, will meet a similar fate.

“They were criticising the Mumbai Police probe in the Sushant case. Now, the probe is with the CBI for over a month. The people want to know what’s the outcome. If they (Sena critics) have the guts, then they should be asking questions to the CBI now, just as they demanded answers from Mumbai Police earlier,” Raut dared.

Referring to the fracas surrounding his meeting with Bharatiya Janata Party’s Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis, Raut put at rest all speculation and claimed that “it was purely to finalise the interview schedule” between Sena and Fadnavis.

He reiterated that the Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance government of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray — comprising the Sena, Nationalist Congress Party and Congress will complete its full five-year term, despite all effort by the state Opposition to topple the coalition

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Tejashwi will buy 10 lakh firearms to promote crime in Bihar: Devendra Fadnavis




Taking a dig at RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav’s promise of 10 lakh jobs, former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis reacted sharply on Monday and said that Tejashwi will purchase 10 lakh tamanche (firearms) and will distribute them among his supporters and unemployed youths to promote kidnappings, looting and robberies in Bihar.

Tejashwi Yadav on Sunday said that there are over 10 lakh jobs vacant in various government departments. These posts will be filled at the first cabinet meeting if his party comes to power in Bihar.

“When I heard the 10 lakh job promise of Tejashwi Yadav I discussed it with my colleagues. I was informed that he will purchase 10 lakh tamanche and he will distribute them among unemployed youths and RJD members,” Fadnavis said during the BJP’s ‘Youth Town Hall’ event in Patna.

“He wants to push Bihar into the era of his father and mother of 15 years ago when they developed Jungle Raj. At that time, crime cases were at their highest. This is his real strategy,” Fadnavis said.

“The people of Bihar know that era and they also know the current law and order situation in Bihar. Now, women can freely go out at night. The people of Bihar will not give them a chance to flourish here and form the government,” Fadnavis said.

“In the last 15 years under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, the state has improved immensely. They (Lalu Prasad) had opened Charwaha Vidyalaya (shepherd school) and the combination of Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi is responsible for opening IIM and IIT. We have AIIMS in Patna and another opening in Darbhanga,” Fadnavis said.

Newly elected BJP youth wing (national) president Tejasvi Surya said that Tejashwi Yadav is talking about jobs but he doesn’t know how to earn money through work.

“He represents dynastic politics. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Hence, he does not know how to do labour. On the other hand our PM Narendra Modi belongs to the ground. He was a swayamsevak in the early stages and reached the highest level. Similarly, our home minister Amit Shah was a block level worker and is now occupying the office of home minister. They know the pain of the common people. It also reflects the democratic structure of the BJP,” Surya said.

“Tejashwi Yadav doesn’t have the moral right to talk about jobs. He is politically unemployed and wants to come to power. As far as vacant posts are concerned, they will be filled as soon as the next government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar is formed,” Surya said.

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