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Sachin Pilgaonkar shares worries on being stereotyped as ‘Marathi actor, director’



Sachin Pilgaonkar

Veteran Actor Sachin Pilgaonkar apparently has done more Hindi films then Marathi films, however the actor is often defined as a Marathi actor and director.

“I have worked more in Hindi films than Marathi films. I don’t want filmmakers to put a stamp that if it’s a Marathi character then only they think about me. I have a good command over Hindi language and have been part of some great films in Hindi cinema,” Sachin told IANS.

The actor was recently seen in the web series ‘City of Dreams’ seasons 1 and 2, where he played the role of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The actor shared that he doesn’t want Hindi filmmakers to only think of him as a Maharashtrian character.

Sachin started his career as a child artist in the Marathi film, ‘Ha Majha Marg Ekla’ in 1962 while he was six years old.

He went on to work in around 65 films as a child artist, before switching to adult roles, and being part of highly successful films like ‘Geet Gaata Chal’, ‘Balika Badhu’, ‘Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se’ and ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ as a lead actor and he became a household name.

Off late, the actor has not been offered substantial roles in Hindi films and web series. The actor was last seen in Yash Raj Films, ‘Qaidi Band’ (2017) and ‘Hichki’ (2018).

He attributes his less visibility in Hindi films to being a Marathi director.

“When an actor becomes a director his acting assignments reduce in number. After a long time some people thought of me, when I did ‘Hichki’ and ‘Qaidi Band’. In our industry when any actor becomes a successful director in any language, immediately people from the industry start jumping to the conclusion that he has left acting. Nowhere, I have claimed that or declared that I will not act anymore.”

He added: “And then they think that I have become successful so I would be very busy directing Marathi films. They don’t ask if I would want to act in Hindi films. They assume that I am busy.”

“The third thing I feel, they have assumed that I will now interfere in the making of the film. So they withdraw. But once you will work with me then only you will understand the truth.”

Sachin has worked in Hindi, Marathi and also in Bhojpuri cinema, and has acted, produced and directed successful comedy shows on Indian television, including ‘Tu Tu Main Main’ and ‘Kadvee Khatti Meethi’. He also directed several hit Marathi films starting with ‘Mai Baap’, ‘Navri Mile Navryala’, ‘Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi’, ‘Amchyasarkhe Aamich’ and ‘Navra Mazha Navsacha’.

Sachin shared that he wants to work in Hindi films, provided he gets a convincing role with a good director. “I want to work in Hindi films and web series, provided I have a good director. I cannot say yes to everything. I never concentrate on the length of the role. I concentrate on the strength of the role.”

“There was never a thing like – I never wanted to work in Hindi films. I cannot go and jump into a film which is being made. Somebody has to think about me, approach me or cast me,” signed off Sachin.


IT sniffs out financial irregularities of Rs 250-cr by Sonu Sood





In a shocking revelation, the Income Tax Department has accused Bollywood actor Sonu Sood of alleged financial irregularities worth around Rs 250 crore by way of unutilized charitable funds, bogus contracts and circular transactions all over India, officials said.

The revelations came after IT sleuths swooped for two-days raiding some 28 premises in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Kanpur and Gurugram in one of the biggest such investigative actions on any actor.

The IT has claimed unutilized finances received through donations or crowd-fundings of around Rs 20-crore, fake contracts worth Rs 65-crore, and dubious circular transactions worth Rs 175-crore with a Jaipur-based infrastructure company.

After seizing cash, incriminating documents and other evidences pointing at tax evasions, the IT investigations continue.

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Bhagat Singh more interesting than we’ve been told: Amol Parashar





Actor Amol Parashar, who is all set to essay the role of Shaheed Bhagat Singh in Shoojit Sircar’s upcoming film, ‘Sardar Udham Singh’, has opened up on what was it like playing the revolutionary.

In a conversation with IANS, Parashar said: “Preparing to play Shaheed Bhagat Singh required a lot of reading so that I could imbibe a lot of his ideals. In the process, I discovered he was even more fascinating, intelligent and interesting than our history books teach us. Working with Shoojit sir (Sircar) and Vicky (Kaushal) was an enriching experience as well.”

Amol also revealed that he would soon be seen playing the lead in another film. “I will have my first film as a lead character releasing in the coming months. It will be with Vishesh Films. Both upcoming releases are special to me for different reasons. One is my first film as a lead; in the other, I get to play a legendary character,” Parashar said.

Amol, who celebrates his birthday on Friday, also shared that he never plans anything in advance. “My birthdays are mostly improvised and I rarely plan anything in advance for them. Even a day before my birthday, I rarely know how it is going to turn out and I like to see how it unfolds. Sometimes, it is a huge gathering of friends, sometimes it means spending quiet time with the family, or I just take off from the city,” the actor said.

“In the next couple of days, I start shooting for another exciting film. I am looking forward to it!” he added.

Quizzed about how life has changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Parashar said: “The lockdown taught us patience and perseverance. I am glad that my family and I have been safe so far. Like I said, I start shooting in two days after my birthday and I am raring to go back on the sets!”

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Apple’s voice Sayani Gupta started with AIR at the age of five





 Actress Sayani Gupta, who has been rocking the OTT platforms, besides wooing her fans on social media, be it with her dancing, singing or costume designing skills recently revealed her voice-over expertise.

The actress lent her voice to an audio show ‘Buri Nazar’ on Audible, however, it was not her first time at lending voice to characters.

She has been a pro at it right from her childhood. It’s one of her skills people aren’t aware of.

In an exclusive conversation with IANS, Sayani shared her journey as a voice-over artist.

“I have done a lot of audio work all my life. My father was part of the All India Radio. He was an announcer, music composer, singer and lyricist,” said the ‘Four More Shots!’ actor.

Sayani shared how her early childhood years were spent in the AIR studio. “AIR was a place where I was taken as a child and I spent a lot of time there. My first paid job was when I was 5 when I did a radio advertisement where I got paid Rs 500.”

‘Buri Nazar’, her latest, is the Hindi version of a much appreciated Audible Original ‘Evil Eye’ that is narrated by Sayani, Supriya Pathak and Ritvik Dhanjani.

Sayani plays the role of Pallavi, daughter of Supriya, while Ritivik is her fiance.

Talking about the storyline, Sayani said, “It’s a relatable banter between daughter and mother. I play the daughter, Pallavi, who lives in New York. Her mother is constantly coaxing her to marry. And Pallavi is fed up with her mother. Finally, Pallavi meets a guy with whom she falls in love.”

Sayani, shares she enjoys doing voice-overs. “I use to recite very long poems at live audio plays in front of audience. Audio performances have been part of my growing up years.”

The actress revealed she has done a lot of professional voice-overs. “I was the voice for Apple for 2 years. I did all their advertisements in India and South East Asia. It’s something that I enjoy thoroughly.

“I used to be able to enjoy voice modulation a lot, something that has helped me in acting in the later years. I think it’s all related and part of the bigger tree.”

Sayani has even lent her voice as a singer in ‘Kahab To’ in her film ‘Article 15’ opposite Ayushmaan Khurrana.

“As an actor, you are also continuously honing your voice, modulation skills, your control over your voice, etc. I have always believed that there is so much scope when you are working with your voice. You are working with your mind in this case. The microphone is literally your co-actor, your camera. It’s a medium that captures your every breath. It’s so powerful.

“It’s almost like you are making love to the mic. It’s really beautiful. I love it.”

In ‘Buri Nazar’ Sayani has expressed varied emotions through her voice. “It’s a long-distance mother-daughter call. There are lots of emotions, sometimes it’s light, and at times there is cacophony. There is also a supernatural element in it.”

Talking about evil eye in real life, the actress doesn’t believe in it so much. “I don’t really believe in evil eye. Sometimes I feel jinxed for small things. Like, sometimes I see myself and say that my skin is looking nice and then I will have a pimple. Sometimes after I laugh a lot I happen to cry a lot.

“I haven’t understood why people put Kajal on babies. I find that horrifying. Perfectly cute-looking babies look like monsters. People do it for Nazar. I think we Indians give it too much of importance. Sometimes my makeup artist would very sweetly put a kaala tikaa (black spot) behind my ear.”

However, the actor is cautious when it comes to her work. “If I get a project I don’t talk about it before we start shooting,” concluded Sayani.

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