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BMC E Ward Officials And Mehboob Soratiya Teamed-up, BMC Fails To Execute HC Order Of Demolition




BMC has finally failed to get the court order executed by demolishing the illegal building constructed by MEHBOOB SORTIA and Juma Masjid Trust. As per our sources, SORTIA paid crores of rupees to the officials of BMC E Ward. These E Ward officials have somehow didn’t demolish this 12-floor illegal building saying that if this building is demolished, the other buildings will be in danger and to make this excuse Mehboob Sortia and team had to work and pay heavily.

Actually, Mehboob Sortia and team tried their best to save the building and misguide the court but the court has held that the building is illegal. Juma Masjid Trust and Mehboob Sortia jointly hurried up and shifted the tenants into the building. Though the petitioner in this case is BMC E Ward but now it’s difficult to understand that whether E Ward went to court to get the building erased or to save the illegal building from demolition.

The actions and works of E Ward in this case has always been shoddy when this building was under-construction the E Ward officials were doing paperwork and when the building is completed they say that nearby buildings will get affected by demolition.

In last order, HC has put a receiver on this building but on 4th Oct the receiver was removed on BMC E Ward request. We fails to understand that why E Ward made a request to court and why E Ward didn’t like the idea of putting up a receiver. Now we fail to understand that why E Ward officials are pushing BMC Law department to pay lakhs of rupees to the lawyers for the case.

The illegal water connection has been procured by BMC and it exist till now. 12th-floor illegal buildings got BEST Electricity connection and E Ward officials didn’t do anything to disconnect the electricity connection. These E Ward officials didn’t pray to court to remove these illegal connections neither the tenants of this illegal building have been given any notice to vacate the building or E Ward officials executed any kind of seizure activity.

This is very clear that the corrupt officials are getting their pocket full and these trustees of the Mosque are blinded by the money while the Waqf officials have been disoriented on the issue. Mehboob Sortia and team have sold more than 60 flats all illegally constructed to fellow Muslims, the Mosque land has been captured and given to Mehboob Soratiya by its trustees only. An E Ward official on the condition of anonymity has told MumbaiPress that there is a huge pressure on E Ward that if the building is demolished many Muslim families will be left homeless and will be left with heavy debt due to cash loss.

Those officials who weren’t agree on the emotive issue of tenants plight were bought by paying up cash. To tell MumbaiPress readers a fact that this is not the first case of Land-Grabbing by Mehboob Soratiya, actually in the past also he had many such illegal projects and E Ward officials were party to all his illegal construction activities.
In 2017 at Agripada Mehboob Soratiya has captured the terrace of a very famous building AHMAD PALACE and built 2 floors and sold out in good rates E Ward officials were also a party to this too. The case went to court and E Ward pulls the case for years and now those 2 floors are also filled up with tenants. People say that this JUGALBANDI of Mehboob Soratiya and E Ward officials is very old and they are hand in gloves in many such shoddy projects.

Next hearing in this case of Waqf Land Grab is on 24th Oct and how E Ward officials continue to shield the illegal building and Mehboob Soratiya will be case to follow. Mehboob Soratiya has assured the tenants of this illegal building on waqf land that he will take care of this issue till the Code-of-Conduct is posed in the city. Application for Aadhar Card and Voter I card for the tenants etc. has been started by Mehboob Soratiya. People had faith in assistant municipal commissioner of E Ward Shree Nitin Arte that he will help in getting the Mosque’s land back to Muslims but now it seems that the same bunch of corrupt officials have misguided him too. Now only High Court can restore the faith in Muslims. It will also be interesting to see how Mehboob Soratiya and team comes up on the next hearing on 24th October.


Write Whatever You Want To Write, We Have Not Taken A Dance Bar For Religious Chanting, We Will Run A Dance Bar- Krishna Shetty




As our Readers know that Mumbai Press has already taken up the plight of dwellers of Abbas Manzil it has published two articles on the team of Ratna Park owners the Dance Bar situated at Ground Floor of Abbas Manzil Andheri East and how they are facing a huge challenge due to the Late Night operations of the Bar. They told how they are torched by bar owners as the owners also have captured the backyard space by constructing rooms in the space where they hide girls when there is police team at the Bar.

Actually this Bar is taken on rent by new team which owns many other bars in the area. Krishna Shetty who is the new owner-partner of Ratna Park Called up Mumbai Press office and first tried to intimidate and warns not to publish reports on Ratna Park then he tried to offer money for not to publish articles on Ratna Park operations. Krishna Shetty said …. Aap ko jo likhna hai likho…Hum dance bar Dance Chalane ke liye Lia Hai BHajan Kirtan karne ke Liye Nahi Nahi—

At Mumbai Press reception the journalist tried to explain him the plight of the dwellers of Abbas Manzil and it is because of Ratna Park late night operation and hoards of illegal activities in the premises
Krishna Shetty have taken a Dance Bar on rent and and they will run it like a Dance Bar otherwise how they will earn to pay the rent and other expenses. It is our Bar we will do what we want even if a nude Dance is needed we will do that none should have objection. It is said that Krishna Shetty and team is known for lots of illegal Operations while running a Bar and in Ratna Park case he has a local Marathi partner thus having closer proximity with police and by taking names of Shivsena leaders they try to influence Police Officers.

Krishna Shetty and team is known for openly flouting the rules and running bars whole night till morning. He has Local Marathi partners thus having edge in operation of a Bar in Late Night running and conducting other illegal activities in the garb of running a bar. They are so expert in illegal operations that they don’t even bother for Police and agencies and that is the reason that Mumbai Press has published their illegal operations but no effect is seen on the Operations of Ratna Park it is running whole night till morning and Dancers and Customers are provided illegal rooms for stay.

Mumbai Press will come up with history of Krishna Shetty and the details of Shivsena leaders who have invested money

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Mumbai Fire Brigade launched 1st fire remote robot to  prevent fire accident




Mumbai city has been witnessing increase in the fire incident every single day. To prevent fire related incidents, on  Friday Mumbai  Fire brigade launched first fire remote robot in the city.

According to the report this robot is remotely controlled machine used for fire fighting operations when it is dangerous for fireman to go inside and save people.

This robot will help to prevent the major fire incident like 26/11, dilapidated buildings, multilevel basement, chemical plants etc. The fire brigade has bought the robot around worth Rs. 88 lacs with the maintenance contract of coming 5 years.

It is also reported that, this fire robot will be test when the actual fire incident take place.

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Parents In Search For Their Missing Son From Last 22 Years, Took Help From Social Media To Find Him



On November 20, 1997, a 10- year-old boy, Nadim Azmi went missing from his own house near Jogeshwari, west. According to the parent of the child, their son was just ten years old when he got missing from their place, Azmi house, Owshiwara, Jogeshwari West. It’s being almost 22 years now, and the parents are still hoping to get back their son by leaving no stone unturned.

As the world is heading towards social media so Nadim’s dad took help from social media to find his missing child. He shared Nadim’s 10-year-old picture and wrote- this picture is 22-year-old when his son was merely 10-year-old. And now he will be 32-year-old if he is alive. The child’s parents want this post to be viral on social media as this the only hope they will have right now. The missing boy is dumb and back then, as per his medical report of the boy, he behaved like a 7-year-old by the brain.

In the same post, it is also mentioned that one week after the missing incident, his parents come to know that the boy came into contact with a Maharashtrian family at Veera Desai Road in Andheri. As per reports, the family had given him some food to eat and later on they took him to Veera Desai police station. However, the police station was closed at that time so they handed over the child to a watchman and told him that when the police station will open then give the child immediately to Police.

It’s been over 22 years now, the parents got no information about their missing son. On May 22, 2019, they took help from social media to find out their missing child.

We, Mumbai Press want our readers to share this article as much as possible. If anyone who has any idea about this missing person can able to help the family back on the number given below- Zahoor Alam Sayyid– 91 766991133/ 8080802452.

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