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BJP has violated every rule in statute in Manipur: Congress



The Congress has alleged that the BJP has violated every rule in statute, “used every unethical trick in the game, and misused the premier investigative agency” to retain power in Manipur, and in the entire process, “they have murdered democracy”.

The statement issued by Congress leader Ajay Maken who was special observer appointed by the AICC in Manipur, alleged that the speaker acted arbitrarily, and said in total, four MLAs who would have voted for the Congress candidate in Rajya Sabha elections, were disqualified and four who were supporting the BJP, were allowed to retain their seat in Vidhan Sabha.

The speaker also disqualified the lone Trinamool Congress member in the assembly.

“All these illegal acts were carried out to ensure victory of their candidate in the election for the vacant seat in the Rajya Sabha,” alleged Maken.

The Congress alleged that the copy of the orders passed by the Speaker, was not made available to the affected parties till late of 19th June 2020 to ensure that the High Court is not approached.

Due to the acts of the Speaker, a total of 52 members only out a total of 60 could cast their votes in Rajya Sabha elections.

The recent political turmoil came when 3 of the BJP MLAs resigned and 4 ministers from the NPP resigned from the ministership and the lone MLA from the TMC resigned from the Chairman of the Planning & Development Authority.

“This was mainly due to the undemocratic functioning of the BJP led government where all decisions were reportedly taken by the Chief Minister, without consulting the other Ministers and MLAs,” alleged Maken.


Maharashtra: Congress livid as Didi writes UPA’s epitaph




Relegated to the political pavement as West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stormed Mumbai in her 2-day-long high-profile trip which ended on Thursday, the Maharashtra Congress unitedly slammed her for her ‘RIP’-ping comments spelling doom for the UPA.

Banerjee met leaders of two of the 3 ruling allies – Nationalist Congress Party President Sharad Pawar and Shiv Sena’s MP Sanjay Raut and Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray, met civil society members, some industrialists, film personalities, but obviously she had no love lost for the state Congress.

The visiting leader’s shocker came during her brief media interaction, when she virtually blurted out – “What UPA? There’s no UPA now…” stunning the Congress and momentarily even the NCP supremo Pawar seemed dazed but kept his legendary cool.

An enraged Congress top brass hit back, though diplomatically – to avoid antagonising the Sena-NCP leaders or even remotely appear siding with the BJP – and harked on the grand old party’s contributions, the Gandhis’ leadership while blaming Banerjee’s “personal ambitions and ego” and painting the BJP as the real villain.

“The BJP is a threat to the Constitution and Democracy. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are constantly challenging the dictatorial attitude of the BJP,” said State Congress President Nana Patole.

The Congress Legislature Party Leader Balasaheb Thorat dismissively said, “no individual party can fight the BJP if that party only thinks of its own political gains and personal ambitions” and the Congress remains the sole viable option before the country.

AICC Secretary Sanjay Dutt said, “if there is one party which has been fighting fascist forces and standing up for the people of India, it’s the Congress”, and others are now posturing only to grab the ‘chair’ (power).

“If any other party leader makes any baseless, sarcastic or malafide comments about Rahul Gandhi, we will give a befitting reply and show them the mirror of their past stance and statements,” hissed Dutt.

State PWD Minister Ashok Chavan hit back at Banerjee saying the “Congress and its leadership needs no certification for its commitment to Democracy and Constitution, or its tireless struggle against the BJP’s policies”.

“Since before Independence, Congress has been fighting for the commoners, the rights of the people… The (BJP) central government is using the ‘divide-and-rule’ policy on the opposition parties. In such a scenario, it becomes the responsibility of all non-BJP parties not to indulge in politics that supports this policy of the Centre,” said Chavan sharply.

Patole pointed out how Rahul Gandhi has stood firm against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, on the land acquisition law and the three black agriculture laws, the BJP’s divisive policies, inflation, unemployment, etc.

“The country is more important than personal ambitions or egos… A political party restricted to one state cannot provide an alternative to the BJP. Given the gravity of the situation, all like-minded parties must come together in the national interest,” urge Patole, adding only Congress is the viable option to the BJP.

Thorat cautioned that criticising Rahul Gandhi would only help the BJP which he has fearlessly challenged, plus the Congress and the entire Gandhi family has borne the oppression of the BJP, but they were not cowed down.

Some political commentators have claimed that despite the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) venturing into uncharted territories where it is barely known or has any base, ultimately they will need Congress support to form the government as it happened during the tenures of the former prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda or I.K. Gujral.

Besides Congress, even the Opposition BJP leaders attacked Didi, questioning her ‘private’ meeting with Shiv Sena leaders and asked whether Maharashtra would go the West Bengal way.

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Oppn stages walkout from Rajya Sabha over inflation




The opposition parties resorted to sloganeering after the Rajya Sabha assembled for question hour and later walked out from the house after they were denied permission on discussion over inflation.

Congress MP K.C. Venugopal had given suspension of business notice under rule 267 to discuss the rising prices of essential commodities, which the chair did not permit.

Leader of opposition Mallikarjun Kharge urged the chair, “its an important issue.”

Earlier, the chair denied point of order to be raised by Anand Sharma.

Shakti Singh Gohil of the Congress said, “We have walked out in protest.”

The house was earlier adjourned till 12 noon after opposition forced the adjournment.

The Congress has given notices in both houses of the Parliament on the issue of inflation, and has demanded discussion on the price rise of essential commodities.

In his notice, Congress MP Manish Tewari said, “The high rate of inflation has hurt the economically weaker sections of the country. Prices of oil and vegetables have skyrocketed and fuel is breaking new records almost everyday with petrol going way beyond the 100 rupee mark and LPG cylinders having more than doubled in price since 2014, now cost more than Rs 900.”

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Pak PM shouldn’t interfere in India’s internal matters: RSS leader




Indresh Kumar, a senior RSS leader and the chief patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch, has urged the ‘ulemas’ of the country to not only provide religious education in the madrasas, but also encourage skill development, computer education and knowledge of other subjects there.

He also advocated the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), and assured that persecuted minorities from countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan would be granted citizenship in India.

Simultaneously, he advised Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to stop interferring in India’s internal matters.

The senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader slammed Imran Khan for condemning the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya and asked whether the temple is a major problem for the Muslims of the world.

Kumar said the madrasas should limit their reach to imparting education only. A few people try to malign the name of Islam as a whole by promoting illegal activities in the madrasas, he said.

Therfore, strict action is needed against such people so that the terrorists are not able to defame Islam, Muslims and the country.

Stressing on imparting education to children, the RSS leader said that the parents must provide best education to their children.

The parents must inspire their children with stories of patriotism and martyrs right from their childhood, so that the next generation moves forward by respecting the past generations, becoming aware of the country’s history, he said.

Responding to the Imran Khan-led Pakistan government’s comments against the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya, the Sangh leader said, “Is the Ram temple the main problem for the Muslims of the world? Why are you (Imran Khan) so interested in interferring in the internal affairs of India? Wherever Hindus live in the world, they live according to the laws of that country.”

He said Imran Khan should understand that when the Covid-19 pandemic spread, India saved many people in Maldives and Bangladesh, besides helping many other countries irrespective of their religious leaning.

He said that those working with nefarious intentions like Imran Khan need to understand that India undertook these steps in a humane manner, and did not take any money for it.

He also emphasised that the constutional ban on triple talaq has not only saved the lives of many Muslim women, but people have also understood the true spirit of Islam. Archaic practices like the triple talaq are not considered permissible in Islam, he said.

Therefore, the campaign to bring a law on triple talaq by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch was to provide justice to the Muslim women and safeguard the rights of children, which the people from the community have accepted with open arms, he said.

The Sangh leader said that women are capable of achieving success in every field provided they get the right opportunities.

The RSS leader also advocated the implementation of CAA and NRC, saying that Assam and various other states of the country share the borders with other nations, which want to foment infiltration into India and create an atmosphere of violence and terror, which must be controlled.

In Assam and many other states of India, the persecuted minorities from other countries will be granted citizenship.

Kumar said that in 1947, there were about 30 per cent Hindu population in Bangladesh which has now come down to just 9 per cent.

The minorities in Bangladesh are being killed with a rise in atrocities against women. In such a situation, being a tolerant country, such persecuted minorities must be granted citizenship in India, he said.

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