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 95 % Newspapers Might Be Closed With This New Government Rule




By Kamar Ansari: Mumbai Press got a hold on the news that Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) is keen to refurbish the Newspapers in India. As per the new DAVP guidelines, the current newspapers can apply for refurbishment by providing their cost and circulations with detailed proof.

This strict rule for refurbishment by DAVP is a major threat to newspapers in India, as nearly 95 percent newspapers don’t have a proper proof to show. In such a situation, there newspapers organizations might be closed and lakhs of journalists will be on the streets. If you don’t know about DAVP, than let Mumbai Press detail you about it. It is the nodal agency of the central government for advertising on behalf of various ministries, departments, public sector firms and autonomous organizations funded by the government. These advertisements are carried out on various media platforms, including print and visual media.

On this whole issue, Newspapers owners association, ‘Akhbar Bachao Manch’ says DAVP is behaving harshly against Newspapers over Governments’ advertising policies. Earlier, Newspapers with over 1 crores turnover had to provide their balance sheet to the government. Now, DAVP made it mandatory for Newspapers who had only 20 lakh turnover.”

Now, Newspapers association are planning to go in court against Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity. Association has put the blame game on Goverment by saying that they first ask for the balance sheet from the Political parties rather than Newspapers. These political parties don’t pay tax and never give detail about their money. So why, Government is behind newspapers rather than these parties.

There is no business in the world, which follows all the rules. There is always some or other issues related to a company, especially monetarily. That’s why over 95 percent certified news papers do forgery in their newspaper sales. Even the biggest newspapers don’t follow the proper norm set by government. Suppose, if a newspaper sell 20000 copies they will mention as two lakhs copies. Not only the newspapers is responsible for this, even government policies has be equally blamed. If a newspaper shows that it has less than 2000 copies circulation than it won’t get DAVP adds on government prices. On the other hand, if a newspapers shows its circulation between 2000 copies to 15000 copies, then it is liable for the adds under small news category. Interestingly, the add price is too low in this category that a particular newspaper will barely run. Journalists from this particular category newspapers don’t even get the certification from State Government. Government don’t pay big money through adds to these small newspapers as they might have a thinking that is only showcases small news rather than national news. Due to this errors in government policies, the newspapers had no option to raise their paper sales in a fake way.

Over 95 percent newspapers have done this cheating to DAVP and Government. So, these newspapers will not be refurbished as they don’t have a detailed balance sheet with proof. Due to this new rules by DAVP, lakhs of journalist will lose their jobs. As per the latest policy by DAVP,  Newspapers have to give the details of paper cost and other production costs if they want to get refurbished. Now, GST will be implicated on Paper sales and so the newspaper owners can’t fake their news copy numbers in front of the government.

After GST applied on paper, Newspapers publishers have protested from Mumbai to Delhi against government’s new move on GST. They met the Government officials in this regard but things didn’t work out. They met Finance Minister to PMO and even urged opposition leader Rahul Gandhi but nothing happened.

DAVP has mentioned in the new form for newspapers that they have to produce GST details of Paper, Bank Statement etc. After three months, these conditions will be mandatory for all the newspapers and it is very clear that 95 percent newspapers will not able to provide correct details.

Newspaper association has united to fight against this major problem as they know that it will cost the job of journalists. In such drastic situations, the journalist will be in big trouble in order to get another job in another field.

Two big demands from Newspaper association is, at first they want decent advertising rates from Government that will make their newspaper continue to run and they also want that small newspaper journalists certification should not be cancelled by State government.

Their other demands are, DAVP shouldn’t ask for balance sheet from Newspapers who earn less than 10 lakhs yearly through advertisement. They also want that those newspapers who have less earning and fewer resources shouldn’t come under GST. Newspaper associations says that if Government don’t approve this conditions than they will definitely move to court.

If the newspapers has corporate backing or run by corporate company that it still survives for a longer time even with a primary loss. As Newspapers is not the primary source of income for various corporate houses. But for small newspapers, they actually need government support to run. On the other hand, government need these corporate newspapers as they want to highlight the positive side of the government through these newspapers. But, these big newspapers with corporate backing are losing their readers and the common man wants to read the true news rather than manipulated news or one-sided news. So, these readers mostly prefer to read small newspaper with their truthful news.

Overall, the big question remains, Why Government wants detailed income proof from Newspaper companies and why not they ask the same from Political parties?


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Sweets are distributed Before IPS gets transfer order… Uddhav Govt is under docs over transfers




Shivsena Govt in Maharashtra is under shadow over transfers of Govt Officials. The opposition is continuously attacking Shivsena Govt on transfers and placement of Govt officials they say that there is big nexus of Govt Officials and Political leaders in power and everything is happening under this nexus. Possibly big money involvement is also there. However, there have been cancellations of transfer orders in Udhav Govt and this suggests that someone is holding the remote for the Govt.

This time also similar case is seen in the post of SP of Raigarh it is said that many IPS are in a queue for the post and on the other side, politicians are also up as they want their officers to be appointed and that why there is a delay in coming up of the order and there is a twist that an officer named Ashok Dudhe has been confirmed for the post before any order. NCP leader and MP Sunil Tatkare have been vouching for Mr. Dudhe as Tatkare wants him to be appointed in Raigarh.

Now the question arises that why Merit is cornered in this Govt and posting and transfers are happening at the behest of political leaders. And now if Mr. Dudhe is appointed then it is confirmed that it happened coz of Tatkare and there is an element of corruption and political interference is there and what Udhav Govt does to curb this.

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Write Whatever You Want To Write, We Have Not Taken A Dance Bar For Religious Chanting, We Will Run A Dance Bar- Krishna Shetty




As our Readers know that Mumbai Press has already taken up the plight of dwellers of Abbas Manzil it has published two articles on the team of Ratna Park owners the Dance Bar situated at Ground Floor of Abbas Manzil Andheri East and how they are facing a huge challenge due to the Late Night operations of the Bar. They told how they are torched by bar owners as the owners also have captured the backyard space by constructing rooms in the space where they hide girls when there is police team at the Bar.

Actually this Bar is taken on rent by new team which owns many other bars in the area. Krishna Shetty who is the new owner-partner of Ratna Park Called up Mumbai Press office and first tried to intimidate and warns not to publish reports on Ratna Park then he tried to offer money for not to publish articles on Ratna Park operations. Krishna Shetty said …. Aap ko jo likhna hai likho…Hum dance bar Dance Chalane ke liye Lia Hai BHajan Kirtan karne ke Liye Nahi Nahi—

At Mumbai Press reception the journalist tried to explain him the plight of the dwellers of Abbas Manzil and it is because of Ratna Park late night operation and hoards of illegal activities in the premises
Krishna Shetty have taken a Dance Bar on rent and and they will run it like a Dance Bar otherwise how they will earn to pay the rent and other expenses. It is our Bar we will do what we want even if a nude Dance is needed we will do that none should have objection. It is said that Krishna Shetty and team is known for lots of illegal Operations while running a Bar and in Ratna Park case he has a local Marathi partner thus having closer proximity with police and by taking names of Shivsena leaders they try to influence Police Officers.

Krishna Shetty and team is known for openly flouting the rules and running bars whole night till morning. He has Local Marathi partners thus having edge in operation of a Bar in Late Night running and conducting other illegal activities in the garb of running a bar. They are so expert in illegal operations that they don’t even bother for Police and agencies and that is the reason that Mumbai Press has published their illegal operations but no effect is seen on the Operations of Ratna Park it is running whole night till morning and Dancers and Customers are provided illegal rooms for stay.

Mumbai Press will come up with history of Krishna Shetty and the details of Shivsena leaders who have invested money

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Mumbai Fire Brigade launched 1st fire remote robot to  prevent fire accident




Mumbai city has been witnessing increase in the fire incident every single day. To prevent fire related incidents, on  Friday Mumbai  Fire brigade launched first fire remote robot in the city.

According to the report this robot is remotely controlled machine used for fire fighting operations when it is dangerous for fireman to go inside and save people.

This robot will help to prevent the major fire incident like 26/11, dilapidated buildings, multilevel basement, chemical plants etc. The fire brigade has bought the robot around worth Rs. 88 lacs with the maintenance contract of coming 5 years.

It is also reported that, this fire robot will be test when the actual fire incident take place.

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