Kangana Ranaut Says Kulwinder Kaur Attacked Her In ‘Signature Khalistani Style’: ‘Strategically Waited For Me, Quietly Came From Behind…’

Bollywood actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut, who was hit by a female CISF official at Chandigarh airport on Thursday (June 6), has said that she was attacked in a ‘signature Khalistani style’. The Mandi MP reacted to a social media post which mentioned that the CISF constable, Kulwinder Kaur, had ‘planned’ the attack on the actress-politician.

Sharing the screenshot of the post on her Instagram story, Kangana wrote, “This makes most sense to me, she strategically waited for me to cross her and in a signature Khalistani style quietly came from behind and hit my face without saying a word when I asked why she did that, she looked away and started to speak in to the phone cameras focused at her (can be seen in her videos) hogging sudden public attention.”

She added, “Farmers laws have been repealed and they don’t concern anyone anymore probably this was her way of joining Khalistani bandwagon which is getting major political seats in Punjab.”

In another story, Kangana said that her directorial Emergency will be released soon which will tell the story of ‘brave Khalistanis’.

“Emergency will be out soon to show how a disarmed lady was killed inside her own house by people in uniform who she trusted with her security, and they used 35 bullets to kill one old aged lady, story of brave Khalistanis will be out soon,” she wrote.

Kulwinder Kaur was upset with Kangana over her remarks on the farmers’ protest. The altercation between Kaur and the actress-turned-politician occurred around 3:30 pm at Chandigarh airport. Several videos of their alleged altercation have also surfaced on social media platforms.

Reacting to the incident, Kangana had said in a video statement, “I’m safe, and perfectly fine. The incident that happened at the Chandigarh airport was with the security personal, while I was passing by the security check, the CISF Constable was abusing me, and she hit me. When I asked her, why she did that, she said, it’s because she supports farmers protest. I’m safe but my concern is the terrorism that is growing in Punjab how to deal with that.”

Kangana recently won the Lok Sabha election from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi constituency. She contested on a BJP ticket and defeated Vikramaditya Singh of Congress by a margin of 74,755 votes. She got a total of 5,37,022 votes.

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