EC Warns Political Parties Against Creating Disruption During Counting On June 4

EC Warns Political Parties Against Creating Disruption During Counting On June 4

A day ahead of the counting of votes for the Lok Sabha Election, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, along with Election Commissioners Ganesh Kumar and Dr. S. S. Sandhu, addressed a press conference in which he talked about the poll body’s achievements in conducting the elections successfully.

The CEC mentioned that 64.2 crore voters participated in the Lok Sabha elections, and he expressed his gratitude towards the voters.

Boasting about one of the major achievements of the EC during these Lok Sabha elections, he noted that repolls were ordered on 39 occasions as opposed to 540 in 2019.

Another achievement he highlighted was the voter turnout in Jammu and Kashmir, where it stood at the highest in the last 4 decades with an overall turnout of 58.58 percent. The Valley saw a turnout of 51.05 percent.

4Ms: Identified, Confronted, and Tackled: CEC

“Muscle, Money, Misinformation, and MCC Violations – impediments to free, fair, and transparent elections – were addressed and responded to,” said CEC Rajiv Kumar.

EC Warns Political Parties Ahead Of Counting Day

While addressing the media, the CEC said that he has instructed all the polling officials to train all the political representatives about the counting process.

He further mentioned that the candidates who are contesting the election have not complained about anything, but some have still raised issues.

The CEC stated that he has instructed the polling officials that if anyone with bad intentions tries to create a nuisance, it should be dealt with strictly.

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