Banking On Break: SBI Faces Backlash Over 'No Staff At Lunch Break' Viral Tweet

Banking On Break: SBI Faces Backlash Over ‘No Staff At Lunch Break’ Viral Tweet

The State Bank of India (SBI), in a recent social media uproar, found itself at the center of a heated debate after a tweet went viral by a dissatisfied customer alleging the breach of the bank’s lunch policy, where the entire staff of an SBI branch took a lunch break, causing inconvenience to customers.

The tweet that sparked the controversy

Lalit Solanki, a Chartered Accountant, on May 31, took to his social media platform, formerly twitter to share his frustration about an SBI branch’s service during lunch hour. He also shared a photo of the empty branch, which was later deleted.

In his post, he wrote, “It was 3 PM, and the whole staff was on lunch. Irony, on one side #SBI says we don’t have any lunch break and the whole staff was on lunch collectively. Dear @TheOfficialSBI, even the world can get changed completely but your services can’t.

The incident, thereafter sparked sudden debate online by netizens responding to it and the bank’s service and practices and its handling of customer complaints.

SBI response and backlash

The Bank through its official X handle, responded to Solanki’s post expressing regret for the inconvenience but also at the same time urge him to delete the post due to security concerns.

The bank, in its wrote, “We regret the inconvenience caused to you. However, please note that photography/ videography inside branch premises is prohibited due to security reasons. You may be held accountable if these are misused. Therefore, we recommend you to remove these from the social media sites.”

To the SBI’s post, Solanki responded, “You have concern over photos, But no concern over the issue faced. Have some shame.”

Despite the SBI post, Solanki did not remove his tweet, leading to the bank to issue a follow-up statement explaining their lunch policy,

The bank in the follow-up post wrote, “Kindly note that no specific timings have been fixed for the lunch time of staff members in our Branches. Rather the lunch hours are staggered in the branches to ensure that continued services are extended to our esteemed customers during the working hours. However, if you are facing any problem in this regard from any of our branches, please register a complaint in this regard at this link select Raise Complaint – Others >> Personal Segment/Individual Customer // General Banking>>Branch Related>>No Response to Queries and mention brief details of the issue in the last column. Upon successful registration of the complaint, you will receive a complaint no. on your registered mobile no./e-mail ID. Our concerned team will look into it.”

Netizens Reaction

The post received many response with divided opinions. Some supported the SBI’s stance on maintaing securites while others criticises the bank.

“No specific timings means why all of the staff’s went for lunch ?? If no one in branch how do you provide continuous service,” commented an X user.

Another added, “All rules are for customers only,is no photography in bank premises to suppress such things in name of safety? Where goes safety if all are on lunch table? Shame on irresponsibility.”

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