Mumbai: 4 Men Booked For Disorderly Conduct And Property Damage In Bandra Police Station

Mumbai: The Bandra police booked four individuals for allegedly behaving in a disorderly manner under the influence of alcohol and destroying property in the police lock-up. The accused were identified as Kurban Shaikh, 30, Shafiq Shaikh, 30, Ramzan Saiyyad, 30, and Aslam Shaikh, 31. Two different cases were filed against them on May 26.

According to the police report, on May 26, at 2.15 AM on Carter Road, the Bandra police were patrolling when they noticed an autorickshaw (MH 03 DC 9011) being driven very rashly. The police stopped the autorickshaw and inquired about the driver’s name, he said it was Kurban Shaikh. Three passengers in the autorickshaw, named Shafiq Shaikh, Ramzan Saiyyad, and Aslam Shaikh, shouted and attempted to prevent the inquiry when the police questioned the driver and shouted. The police discovered that all four were under the influence of alcohol. The police brought them to the Bandra police station, where they continued to shout.

The police filed a case against the four under sections 186 (obstructing a public servant), 279 (rash driving), and 336 (act endangering the life of others) along with relevant sections of the Motor Vehicle Act and Maharashtra Prohibition Act (regarding alcohol).

Subsequently, the police kept them in a lock-up. In the lock-up, the accused continued shouting, verbally abusing, and threatening the police. When the police asked them to stop shouting and abusing, they broke the tube light and wiring in the lock-up, damaging the lock-up door and other items. The police filed another case against the four under section 3 (1) (mischief by doing any act in respect of any public property) along with relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. Ramzan Saiyyad resided in Ghatkopar, and the other three accused resided in Bandra.

According to the police, the four individuals have prior criminal records, including physical assault and theft. They are still in jail.

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