Mumbai Accident: 32-Yr-Old Killed In Mazgaon After Minor Riding Speeding Motorcycle Dashes Into Him

Mumbai: A 32-year old man was killed after a minor in Mumbai’s Mazgaon area allegedly hit him with his motorcycle on Thursday morning.

The deceased has been identified as Irfan Nawab Ali Shaikh who got hit by a bike which was being driven by a minor aged 15.

According to police, the victim was badly injured and was taken to JJ Hospital for treatment, where he died during the treatment.

Mumbai Police said that the minor has been sent to the juvenile home.

Police has detained the minor along with his father and a case has been registered under section 304(2) of IPC and section 3,4 of Motor Vehicle Act.

Minor Mows Down 2 IT Professionals In Pune

This comes days after two young IT professionals, identified as Ashwini Koshta and Aneesh Awadhia, both from Madhya Pradesh, were killed in the accident that took place in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar on May 19. Allegedly, the 17-year-old minor later crashed his luxury car into a motorcycle, killing two persons in Pune.

The lawyer representing the accused said that a Juvenile Justice Board will decide whether or not the teenager involved in mowing down two people with his luxury race car earlier this week, should be tried as an adult.

Addressing media persons here on Wednesday, Prashant Patil, lawyer of the accused said, “The Juvenile Justice Act has procedures to determine whether the accused Child in Conflict with Law (CCL) be considered a minor or an adult. It takes almost 90 days to conduct this procedure.” According to the lawyer, the individual doesn’t need to remain in rehabilitation for these procedures, as the investigation is carried out further. Patil said that the Juvenile Justice Board monitors the assessments through regular reports and complaints reports and decides after nearly 90 days whether to treat the minor or CCL as an adult.

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