Mumbai: At Least 29 Flamingos Found Dead In Ghatkopar Due To Mid-Air Collision With Aircraft

Mumbai: In a tragic incident that has come to light from Mumbai city, at least 29 flamingos were found dead at different locations in Ghatkopar area on Tuesday, said a report quoting a wildlife welfare group representative. The cause of the deaths is stated as a mid-air collision of the birds with an aircraft, however, it will be confirmed after the autopsy is done.

According to the report, various calls were received from people about the dead birds spotted at some places in Ghatkopar, Pawan Sharma, founder of the Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) and honorary wildlife warden with the forest department 

Search Operation Initiated

Acting immediately on the calls, the forest department’s mangrove cell along with the RAWW teams initiated a search operation and found 29 dead flamingos in the area on Monday night, he further stated.

NatConnect Foundation, an organisation that works for the welfare of the environment and the animals & birds reacted to the tragic death of the flamingos in Ghatkopar.

“Absolutely tragic. Close to flamingos were found dead at Lakhsminagar, Ghatkopar in northeast Mumbai last night. The carcasses were scattered in pieces all over. Some it cd be due to an aircraft,” wrote NatConnect Foundation in their latest post on X.

Possible Reason Behind Flamingo Deaths

According to initial reports, it is said that the flock of flamingos might have collided to an aircraft in the air leading to multiple casualties. Ghatkopar is a suburb very close to the International Airport, with high number of planes flying over the area throughout the day and even in the night. The carcasses were sent for an autopsy to find out the exact cause of the death, Sharma

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