4 Minor Girls Drown After Slipping Into Deep Waters Of Bortalav Lake In Bhavnagar; Only 1 Survives

Bhavnagar: In a heartbreaking incident, four teenage girls drowned in Bortalav Lake in Sidsar village, Bhavnagar district, on Tuesday. The tragedy occurred when a group of five girls went swimming and slipped into the deep waters. Despite rescue efforts, only one girl survived.

The incident unfolded when the five girls, all residents of Devipujak Vasahat behind Bortalav in Sidsar village, decided to go for a swim in the lake. The victims were identified as nine-year-old Rashi Manishbhai Choradia, 13-year-old Komal Munnabhai Choradia, 13-year-old Archana Hareshbhai Dabhi, and eight-year-old Dhingi Vijaybhai Parmar. The sole survivor, 13-year-old Kinjal Choradia, was rescued by bystanders and is currently recuperating in the government hospital in Bhavnagar.

Local Authorities & Rescue Teams Rush To The Scene

Upon learning of the incident, local authorities and rescue teams rushed to the scene. Despite their efforts, the bodies of the four missing girls were recovered from the lake. The tragic news has plunged the local community into deep sorrow.

A Few Similar Incidents

This incident is a stark reminder of the recurring water-related tragedies in the region. Recently, seven members of a family from Surat drowned in the Narmada River near Poicha. Eight people, including three children, were caught in the waters, with only one youth being rescued by locals. The Rajpipla town police and fire department launched an immediate rescue operation, but sadly, seven people perished.

In another unfortunate event, six individuals drowned in the sea off Navsari’s Dandi coast. Two were rescued, while four others went missing. The family had visited Dandi on a Sunday outing, which ended in tragedy when six members drowned.

These incidents highlight the urgent need for improved safety measures around water bodies in the region.

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