Rumors of finding gold biscuits in Ghatkopar, the propaganda material is finally out

Mumbai: Two days ago in Ghatkopar, the election team seized some BJP candidate’s boxes. At this time, while the workers were inspecting the box, they were told to check the presence of gold biscuits and a discussion started about catching gold biscuits in Ghatkopar. As soon as this video went viral on social media, there was a stir. However, the investigation revealed that it was propaganda material and the investigation was halted.

On the other hand, Tripti Badgujar has expressed her displeasure, alleging that the girl was kept hanging for no reason at night. He shared the video on his Instagram. This video has been viewed by more than two million people on social media. More than 50 thousand people responded. According to Badgujar’s allegations, the election staff stopped the car at around 1 am and started checking. At one o’clock the girls were taken to Ghatkopar police station. On inspection it contained promotional materials. He said that his bill was demanded. The video shows the kit being handed over to the booth chief by some activists during the inspection. The video got a lot of shares on social media as it was said to have gold biscuits check.

According to election officials, a car was intercepted by the SST team during routine inspection. As there were girls during the inspection, they called the women police as they said they could not do the inspection late at night. With their help, the material was checked at the police station. Propaganda materials were collected in it. It is said that a report has been made in this regard.

No gold!

Gold biscuits were discussed during inspection as some activists said check there are gold biscuits during inspection. But the inspection contained only propaganda materials. Deputy Commissioner of Police Purushottam Karad said that nothing was found.

Varsha Gaikwad also tweeted and politics heated up!

The distribution of gold biscuits went viral on social media so much that Varsha Gaikwad also shared a video saying that gold biscuits were distributed in Ghatkopar. Action was demanded on this. After that he deleted the tweet as soon as he realized that it was a rumour. After that, the BJP deleted the post on its official social account criticizing Varsha Gaikwad, calling it “Palakuti Congress”. Your conspiracy to mislead voters and get votes has been exposed. Now it says you have to face legal action.

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