Shiv Sena (UBT) Leader Anil Parab Targets BJP, Shiv Sena Candidate Ravindra Waikar & Raj Thackeray

Mumbai: UBT Shiv Sena leader Anil Parab targeted BJP, Shiv Sena candidate Ravindra Waikar and MNS Chief Raj Thackeray. Parab said, “Waikar was crying while going to attend ED inquiry, now, we will show him in the election, which Shiv Sena is real Shiv Sena. He also asked BJP that is the corruption only criteria to join BJP and get seat in the election?”

“After announcement of Candidature of Ravindra Waikar from North West Constituency, UBT Shivsena leaders become aggressive against him and BJP.” Anil Parab alleged, “BJP made allegations against Waikar when he was in UBT now he has been given ticket from Eknath Shinde Shiv Sena. Is BJP started accepting corruption? Is Corruption is merit to get induction in BJP and get election ticket?”

Parab also expressed that Kirit Somaiya should be made star campaigner of Yamini Jadhav, Waikar and Rahul Shewale. He also alleged that Somaiya had exposed corruption on the direction of BJP.

While targeting Waikar Parab said ” Waikar had cried alot when he was summoned for the ED inquiry. Shivsainiks were waiting when the ticket will be declared to defeat Waikar. Amol Kirtikar is not alone. Sunil Prabhu other leaders and I are behind him. He had also done work for his father Gajanan Kirtikar in the Constituency in last ten years. Now, we will show Waiker which Shivsena is real Shivsena”

Parab alleged that he had handled the case of Waikar. “He had lost the case in HC. now his case is at SC. Now, it is interesting to see the stand of BMC in SC against Waikar.”

When, Parab was informed Raj Thackeray is going to hold campaign at Shivaji Park in support of Mahayuti, Parab said, “Raj Thackeray had said that he will not campaign for other parties and will not be a part of any alliance. Now, we would like to see what will he do? Will see whether Raj Thackeray dance in some one else’s marriage or not?”

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