Lok Sabha Elections: Pawan Khera Accuses BJP of Playing Divisive Politics While Attending A Press Conference in Raipur

Raipur (Chattisgarh): Congress party Chairman of the Media and Publicity Department Pawan Khera on Wednesday condemned Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders including Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for intentionally derailing the Lok Sabha elections from core issues like development, public amenities, water, electricity and others and pushing it towards divisive politics Hindu-Muslim and non-substantive issues such as Mangalsutra and temples and others.

While addressing a press conference at the state Congress party office in Rajiv Bhawan, the senior AICC leader Khera accused the BJP government at the Centre of undermining democracy and the constitutional values.

Responding to questions about the BJP’s ambitious claim of winning over 400 Lok Sabha seats, Khera suggested that such rhetoric reflects a fundamental flaw in the BJP’s agenda, pointing to their alleged intentions to alter the constitution and abolish reservation policies.

In contrast, Khera highlighted Congress’s support for a caste census and the issue of reservation. He attracted the media attention towards a reservation bill pending at the Chhattisgarh governor house and alleged that it happened because of BJP fault and dubious intentions. He alleged that it is intolerable for BJP that unprivileged sections of society are reaping the benefits of caste based reservation and continuously getting participation in the system.  

Khera criticized the BJP’s governance over the past decade, alleging that it has led to numerous suicides among youth, women, farmers, and businessmen due to misguided policies.

Regarding the Election Commission’s delayed release of data for the first and second phases of the Lok Sabha elections, Khera expressed concern over the significant discrepancies in voting figures,indicating that the Congress party plans to investigate further and may approach the Election Commission for clarification.

In response to Prime Minister Modi’s allegations about the inclusion of the Muslim League in the Congress’s manifesto, Khera denied any mention of Muslims in the Congress manifesto and claimed, “Not a single word of Muslim has been used in the manifesto of the Congress party. I have not read the manifesto of Muslim League. I don’t know if the Prime Minister has read it.”

The press conference was attended by State Congress Media Chief Sushil Anand Shukla, State Congress In-charge General Secretary (Administration and Organisation) Malkit Singh Gaindu, State Congress

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