Mumbai Airport Customs Seize Gold, Electronics, Tobacco & Cigarettes Worth Rs13.80 Crore

Mumbai: During 22-28 April, 2024, Airport Commissionerate, Mumbai Customs Zone-III seized over 20.95 Kg Gold valued at Rs. 13.57 Cr and Electronics, Tobacco and Cigarettes valued at Rs 0.23 Cr total amounting to Rs 13.80 Cr across 27 cases. Gold was found concealed in various forms like gold dust in wax and cloth, crude Jewellery and gold bars in an ingenious way inside, between two layers of cloth and on the body of pax. Nine Pax were arrested.

All that was recovered

• One Foreign National, travelling from Nairobi to Mumbai was intercepted and found carrying 22KT Gold Melted bars(07) having net weight of 1173.00 grams, was found concealed in handbag. Pax was arrested.

• Two Foreign Nationals, travelling from Bahrain and Nairobi were intercepted and found carrying 24KT Gold bars and 22 KT Gold coins, in total net weight of 946.00 grams, was found concealed in a leather pouch being carried by pax and under the underwear worn by the pax.

• Eight Indian Nationals travelling from Dubai (03), Abu Dhabi (01), Bangkok (02), Kuala Lumpur (01), Jeddah (01) were intercepted and found carrying 9624.00 grams gold concealed inside the pocket of jeans pant worn by pax, on the body and in the rectum. Eight pax were arrested. 

• Fourteen Indian Nationals travelling from Muscat (01), Abu Dhabi (03), Dubai (07), Jeddah (01), Colombo (01), Bangkok (01) were intercepted and found carrying 5106.00 grams gold concealed between two layers of cloth of trouser worn by pax, on the body and in the rectum. 

• 24KT Gold Dust in Wax (03 pouch) having net weight 4100.000 grams was recovered from aircraft during rummaging Air India Flight No. AI-910.

• One Indian National travelling from Dubai was intercepted smuggling the Electronics, Tobacco and Cigarettes concealed inside handbags and checked-in luggage valued at Rs 22,91,602/- was recovered.

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