Priyanka Chopra Reveals She Was REJECTED From Films Because ‘Somebody’s Girlfriend Was Cast’: ‘It’s Hard’

Actress Priyanka Chopra has opened up about facing rejections in the film industry and also made some shocking revelations. Priyanka, who is currently busy with the shoot of her upcoming project Head of State, has revealed that she was rejected from films because ‘somebody’s girlfriend was cast’ for the role.

Priyanka, in a podcast, said that she has always faced rejections and called it ‘hard’. The actress also opened up about how she made peace with facing rejection at work.

She stated, “It’s hard. Especially in a job based on validation. Whether it is how many people come and watch your movie or what your director thinks about your performance or what your casting agent thinks, it is all subjective.”

Priyanka added, “I have seen so much rejection in the movie industry for so many reasons. Whether I wasn’t right for the role, whether it was favourtism, whether it was that somebody’s girlfriend was cast, like there are so many reasons it happened. I made peace a long time ago. It is real. We can all say ‘I am better than that, I am confident’. It is not true. You have to allow yourself to feel the rejection. It’s like grieving. I am someone who does it. I will move on. I will brush it aside. Long time ago, I came to peace with rejection at work.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Priyanka was last seen in Love Again with Sam Heughan and Celine Dion. The Bajirao Mastani actress has action film Heads of State alongside John Cena and Idris Elba in the pipeline. In 2021, her Bollywood film Jee le Zaraa with Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt was also announced. However, there has been no update on the movie from the makers.

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