Voting today on 89 seats in 13 states in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections, 1202 candidates are in the fray.

New Delhi: Voting will be held on Friday for 89 Lok Sabha seats in 13 states of the country. With this, the fate of 1202 candidates contesting the elections will be sealed in EVM. Voting will be held for the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections being held in seven phases on Friday. Voting time will be from 7 am to 6 pm. In view of the heat, voting time has been extended in some places.

Voting will take place in these states

The Election Commission said that in the second phase, five from Assam, five from Bihar, three from Chhattisgarh, 14 from Karnataka, all 20 from Kerala, seven from Madhya Pradesh, eight from Maharashtra, one from Manipur, 13 from Rajasthan, one from Tripura, Voting will be held for eight seats in Uttar Pradesh, three in West Bengal and one in Jammu and Kashmir. With this, elections will be held on all the seats of Kerala and Rajasthan.

1202 candidates are in the fray

The Commission said that out of 1202 candidates contesting the elections, 1098 are male, 102 are female and two are of third gender. The electoral fate of all these is in the hands of 15.88 crore voters. Officials say that in the second phase, 4100 polling stations have been made which will be fully staffed by women staff. Here, not only will all the election officers be women, but all the security personnel deployed for security monitoring will also be women. Similarly, the reins of 640 polling stations have been given to disabled polling staff.

What are the preparations for the second phase?

1202 candidates in the electoral fray
There are around 16 crore voters in this phase
2 lakh close polling station
4100 model polling station
35 lakh voters will cast their vote for the first time after turning 18.
42,226 voters aged 100 years or more

How will voting percentage increase?

Concerned about the low turnout in the first phase, the Election Commission has tried its best to ensure that there is no low turnout in the second phase. For this, the Chief Electoral Officers of all the states have also been told that in view of the increasing heat, it should be ensured that the voters coming to cast their votes do not face any problem. This time the Commission will try its best to ensure that the turnout is not as low as in the first phase. However, on the Commission’s claims that heat is the reason behind low turnout, experts say that it is hot every time during Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, heat cannot be the only reason behind low turnout. Despite this, the Commission is trying its best to ensure that the voting percentage in the second phase does not decrease compared to 2019. For this, voting time has also been extended at some polling stations.

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