Mumbai Coastal Road-Worli Sealink Connected: BMC Installs 1st Bowstring Arch Girder Joining Busy Routes In SoBo

Mumbai: In a major development, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) achieved a historic milestone with the successful installation of the giant beam (bow arch string girder) connecting the Bandra-Worli Sealink as part of the Mumbai Coastal Road Project. The event took place on Friday, (April 26) at 3:25 am, marking a successful step forward in the city’s infrastructure development.

Utilising innovative techniques, the BMC managed to connect these two engineering marvels using fill-and-cut methods, setting a precedent in the country’s infrastructure projects.

Commissioner and Administrator of the BMC, Bhushan Gagarani, personally witnessed the historic moment of the giant beam’s erection, highlighting the importance and magnitude of the achievement. The successful completion of this project displayed the BMC’s dedication and commitment to enhancing the city’s infrastructure and connectivity.

Details On The Process

The installation ceremony, which commenced at 2 am, saw the conclusion of tasks at 3:25 am, within a span of and hour and 25 minutes. The use of the open sea as a resource for connectivity shows the BMC’s forward-thinking approach and its ability to tackle complex challenges with ingenuity.

The beam established today was established on the route from Worli to Nariman Point. This beam weighs two thousand metric tons and is 136 meters long and 18 to 21 meters wide. Another beam will also be set up soon. After completing the rest of the works, the next phase of the Mumbai Coastal Road will also begin.

Two meeting points with two meeting units each have been established, ensuring precise alignment between the Mumbai Coastal Road and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. This technical feat required careful coordination and expertise, which the BMC demonstrated admirably.

Concrete cementing between the Mumbai Coastal Road and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link is the next phase of the project. Utilising advanced technology, including C-5 Japanese technology and advanced welding techniques, the BMC aims to seamlessly integrate the two routes, further enhancing connectivity and accessibility in the city.

Key Officials Attended Major Event

Key officials including former Deputy Commissioner Dr. Amit Saini, Chief Engineer (Special Engineering) Chakradhar Kandalkar, Chief Engineer (Mumbai Coastal Road Project) Girish Nikam, Vice Chairman of ‘HCC’ Arjun Dhawan and Chief Coordinator Santosh Rai, were among others who were present at the event there. BMC Commissioner Gagarani took the opportunity to extend his congratulations to the Mumbai Coastal Road Project team for their exemplary work.

The Mumbai Coastal Road Project, spanning a length of 10.58 kilometers, posed notable challenges, particularly in connecting the Mumbai Coastal Road and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. However, meticulous planning and execution by the BMC ensured the successful completion of this ambitious endeavour.

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