Mumbai Weather Update: IMD Issues Fresh Heatwave Alert For Thane, Raigad & MMR Areas; Mercury To Remain Steady At 29°C

Mumbai: The city woke up to another morning with clear skies and gentle breezes on Wednesday, consistent with the Indian Meteorological Department’s (IMD) forecast. The weather agency’s forecast further predicted to maintain these clear conditions across Mumbai and its suburbs.

Today’s Weather Update

Today’s temperature forecast indicated a steady minimum of 25 degrees Celsius, with a potential maximum of 34 degrees Celsius, averaging around 29 degrees Celsius throughout the day. Winds were projected to blow at 9.3 km/h from the north-northwesterly direction, with sunrise at 06:15 AM and sunset at 06:59 PM.

Looking ahead, the seven-day forecast hinted at a slight surge in minimum temperatures. According to IMD, Thursday is predicted to hover around 25 degrees Celsius, followed by 26 degrees Celsius on both Friday and Saturday, maintaining around 26 degrees Celsius from Sunday through Tuesday next week.

IMD Issues Heatwave Warning

However, the IMD raised concerns by issuing a heatwave alert for Thane, Raigad districts and parts of Mumbai from April 27 to 29. IMD scientist Sushma Nair highlighted an anti-cyclonic circulation over these regions, leading to temperature spikes, peaking on April 27 and 28, said a report in PTI.

This follows a similar alert earlier in the month, on April 15 and 16, when Mumbai and its environs experienced scorching temperatures, with Navi Mumbai hitting 41 degrees Celsius. The IMD advised precautions such as avoiding prolonged heat exposure, staying hydrated, wearing light-colored, loose cotton clothes, covering the head and scheduling strenuous activities during cooler times of the day.

AQI Remains In Satisfactory Category

Despite the pleasant weather, air quality remained satisfactory in Mumbai, with an Air Quality Index (AQI) for PM10 particles at 79, according to SAFAR-India. AQI values between zero and 50 are considered good, while 50-100 fall under satisfactory. However, readings between 100 and 200 enter the moderate category, prompting caution.

As Mumbai braces for potential heatwave conditions, citizens are advised to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure their well-being amidst the changing weather patterns.

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