Tamil Nadu Lok Sabha Elections 2024: MK Stalin Slams PM Modi’s ‘Redistribution Of Wealth’ Remark

DMK president and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Monday strongly condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election campaign in which he claimed the Congress would take away the wealth and distribute it to “those who produced more children” and the “infiltrators” in an obvious reference to the Muslims. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s toxic speech is vile and highly deplorable,” Stalin said.

According to the DMK leader, fearing public anger against his failures, Modi has attempted to whip up religious sentiments and resorted to hate speech to avoid what seems to be an imminent defeat. “Hate and discrimination are the real guarantees of Modi,” he said. “In turning a deaf ear to the PM’s blatant hate speech, the EC has shamelessly abandoned even a semblance of neutrality,” Stalin added.

He insisted that the socio-economic caste census promised by the INDIA bloc is a remedy long overdue to create an egalitarian society. “It is sad that the PM is twisting it and depriving socially disadvantaged communities of their due share in education, jobs, and seats of power. Leaders of the INDIA bloc should be wary of the BJP’s devious diversionary tactics. We must firm up our commitment to exposing the miserable failures of Modi,” he said.

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