Salman Khan Residence Firing Case: Mumbai Police Recover 2 Guns, Magazines & Cartridges From Tapi River In Surat

Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch has recovered two pistols, three magazines along with 13 live cartridges, used in the firing outside actor Salman Khan’s house from Tapi River in Surat, officials said on Monday.

The Crime Branch is still conducting a search along the Tapi to locate the other weapon used in the incident.

A member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang provided the guns to Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta, the suspects arrested in connection with the case, according to the police.

Both were supposed to fire outside the actor’s residence, Galaxy Apartments, but only Pal discharged his pistol, an official said.

The Mumbai Police will request custody of gangster Bishnoi, who is in custody in Tihar Jail, after collecting evidence in the case, the official said.

The accused allegedly threw both guns into the Tapi after the firing incident.

The accused carried one gun with them to their village in Bihar, where they underwent firing training. The other gun was kept in their rented flat in Panvel. The weapons were handed over to them in Panvel approximately 20 to 25 days before the firing incident.

The accused received Rs1 lakh from the gang. A mediator reportedly spent a total of Rs1 lakh on both accused individuals, which included purchasing a second-hand bike for Rs24,000, paying the deposit and rent for a house, and arranging for the escape of the accused. The identities of those who handed over the weapons and money have not yet been established.

The police have recorded statements from eight to 10 individuals in connection with the case. Additional sections may be added to the FIR. Pal and Gupta remain in the custody of the Crime Branch until April 25.

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