Resignation of Samajwadi Party’s Raees Shaikh or politics of pressure on Abu Asim Azmi.

These days, amidst the election politics in Maharashtra, the politics of mutual differences is also going on in full swing. Samajwadi Party MLA from Bhiwandi Raees Shaikh has resigned from his legislative post and has sent this resignation to Samajwadi Party Maharashtra President Abu Azmi. This resignation has been given only from the legislative post and not from the party membership.If sources are to be believed, things were not going well between Azmi and Raees Shaikh for the last several months.

If the party office is to be believed, Azmi was not able to resolve the complaints made by the general public from Bhiwandi, due to which Azmi Raees He was upset with the government and also maintained close relations with Milind Deora, close to the Sheikh Shinde government, and officials of Owaisi’s party, which was against the party policy.

Those having political knowledge believe that Rais Shaikh had already planned this and was just waiting for the time. If experts are to be believed, Rais Sheikh can participate in Owaisi’s party Majlis. However, if seen, the resignation from membership of the legislature is sent to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and not to the party president. From the circumstances it seems that this step of Raees Shaikh has been taken only to put pressure on Abu Azmi.

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