MP CM Yadav Rakes Up PoK During Election Rally

MP CM Yadav Rakes Up PoK During Election Rally, Says ‘Even Pakistan Wishes To Have Leader Like PM Modi’

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that even politicians in Pakistan say they wish their country had a leader like him.

He also alleged that India got divided due to the seeds sown by the Congress.

Yadav was addressing gatherings on Friday evening during the campaigning in Hoshangabad Lok Sabha constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

He claimed that the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) also want to become part of India as there is a crisis of survival in the neighbouring country.

“Pakistan’s leaders, including (former PM) Nawaz Sharif, are continuously saying that they wish Narendra Modi was there (in Pakistan). If you are a leader, then you should be such that even your enemy praises you. This leader (Modi) is making us proud,” Yadav said in one of his addresses.

He slammed the Congress, saying that there was a “stigma on the forehead” of the party of dividing the country into Bharat and Pakistan.

“There was no BJP or Jan Sangh at the time of the country’s partition. The country got divided due to the seeds sown by Congress. Half of Punjab went there (in Pakistan),” Yadav said.

The chief minister said the Congress created fear among the people at the time of the abrogation of Article 370.

“When Article 370 was being scrapped, Congress said that if this happens then rivers of blood will flow in the country. Rivers of blood will flow only when there is blood in the veins. There is water in your (Congress) veins. The entire country is celebrating as the stigma of Article 370 was wiped off,” Yadav said.

The people of Kashmir are so happy that even those in PoK are seeking to include them in India as it is hard to make ends meet in Pakistan, he added.

Polling in Hoshangabad LS seat is scheduled in the second phase on April 26. 

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