Maharashtra Speaker Rahul Narwekar Kicks A Storm By Extending Support To Don Arun Gawli’s Daughter During An Event In Mumbai

Mumbai: Speaker Rahul Narwekar taking part in an event organised by the Akhil Bharatiya Sena (ABS) floated by Don Arun Gawli has kicked up a huge storm within his own party, the BJP, and among city activists.

Last Monday, Narwekar had taken part at a function organised by the ABS at Heritage hotel in Byculla which was attended, among others, by Geeta Gawli, daughter of the don, who had faced several criminal cases, including murder. When contacted by FPJ, Narwekar had confirmed that he was invited and he indeed attended the function. In his speech, he vaxed eloquent about his support to the ABS and Geeta Gawli. He even went to the extent of assuring Geeta Gawli, a former corporator, that he would help get her elected as the mayor.

Narwekar was an aspirant for the BJP’s ticket to contest the Lok Sabha poll from Mumbai south constitutency. But, apparently the party is not in a mood to oblige. Miffed over it, he is trying to get close to the ABS even though the latter has been an also ran in city politics.A top source in the BJP told FPJ on Friday that Narwekar, who is an MLA from Colaba, has spoilt whatever little choice he had of bagging the party ticket. In fact, he has unwittingly strengthened the chance of minister Mangal Prabhat Lodha securing the ticket. A party MLA noted that Narwekar not only attended the function and spoke at it, but also posted the video on Facebook. “It beats me how he could have done that. All of us in the party are stunned. Narwekar was a blue-eyed boy of deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis who got him elected as the Speaker even though there were more deserving candidates in our party. He has caused acute embarassment to Fadnavis and all of us,” the MLA added. An ex-MLA of the party said during elections all parties take the help of the bhais since they control vote banks. “But this is done very discreetly. Narwekar was very tactless,” he added.

Several activists contacted by the FPJ expressed their outrage over Narwekar’s conduct.

Dr Gaurang Vora:

This is simply outrageous ! We never expected our public representative (that too Speaker of Maharashtra Assembly) to associate himself with the party of a gangster facing life imprisonment, who is out on bail.

We wonder what were the compelling circumstances that prevented the Speaker from staying away from the function.

This points towards the unholy nexus of the BJP with law-violators.

The BJP, knowing very well that they are surely going to lose the Lok Sabha elections, have pulled out all stops to woo the MLAs of other parties and less prominent parties like MNS to boost their chances.”

Joseph Mathew:

India is a country where goons are respected and enjoy dignified status in society. Arun Gawali is father(Daddy) and is respected.”

Clarence Pinto:

Rahul Narwekar is the Speaker of the state assembly and aspirant for BJP ticket from Mumbai South. Knowing the background and criminal record of Arun Gawli, he could have avoided meeting members/office bearers of the don’s party so that no wrong message is sent to the public at large.

Shishir Shetty:

The level of politics in Maharashtra has reached an all-time low. At the same time if the Speaker is meeting a registered political party which has shown support to the BJP I see no issues in that.

Sameer Mehta:

The Speaker should have known what is appropriate and what is not. To keep democracy healthy he ought to have asked if it is appropriate to attend a meeting organised by supporters of a don who was charged with serious crimes.

Aftab Siddique:

Horsetrading or switching parties of parties for vested interest has been done by some of the biggest political stalwarts and has become quite common now. It is a breach of trust of voters who put the elected representatives where they are. “

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