First Accident At Coastal Road Tunnel

First Accident At Coastal Road Tunnel Creates Traffic Chaos

An accident was reported in the two-km-long tunnel which is part of the newly inaugurated Mumbai Coastal Road, on Thursday afternoon. A car collided with the corner wall near Cross Passage-05, inside the tunnel. Subsequently, another car rear-ended the first one. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the incident.

The 10.8-km-long Coastal Road has a two-km-long tunnel between Priyadarshini Park and Marine Drive, where the mishap occurred. Police have now initiated action against the driver of the car that collided with the wall. Reportedly, there was a young driver with a learners licence at the wheel while his father was the co-passenger.

Tardeo Traffic Police came to the aid of the vehicle, retrieving it with the help of a towing vehicle and imposing a fine of Rs 1,500, which was duly paid. The incident was captured by CCTV cameras, monitored from the control room at Priyadarshini Park, where unusual vehicle movements were noticed around 12:42pm. According to police, on Thursday afternoon, a bystander used the Emergency Call Box (ECB) to notify authorities of an accident near CP-5 in the Coastal Road tunnel.

Driver & co-passenger safe

The operator in the Local Operation Maintenance Room (LOMR) promptly examined the CCTV footage, verified the incident, and alerted the appropriate authorities. A Mumbai Police officer said that around 1pm, “a minor accident occurred in the tunnel of Coastal Road CP 4 Southbound, in which a black Toyota car lost balance on the steering wheel and hit the tunnel wall. The driver and co-passenger were not injured.

There is minor damage to the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle had a learners licence and the co passenger was the father of the driver”. The coordinated response by the rescue team, police, and traffic marshals ensured that the incident was swiftly handled and traffic flow was maintained in the tunnel, averting potential congestion.

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