Adah Sharma Breaks Silence On Controversial ‘Goli Maar Dungi’ Dialogue For JNU Students In Bastar: ‘Saying It Out Of Frustration’

Bollywood actress Adah Sharma is all set to play a cop in the upcoming film, Bastar, and she will be seen waging a war against the naxals in the country. The teaser and the trailer of the hardhitting film have already gone viral, and one particular scene which has resulted into a debate online is that of Adah’s character stating that students of JNU, the left wingers and the liberals should be shot for supporting the naxals.

In the scene, Adah’s character Neeraj can be heard saying that she will shoot such people in broad daylight for supporting and encouraging the naxals to spread terrorism in the country.

The dialogue did not go down well with a section of netizens and the actress was slammed for it online. However, she has now finally reacted to the backlash and has stated that while she might not say the same in real life, her character in the film is quite different.

Adah stated that for her character, the feeling comes out of the frustration of seeing so many jawans being killed brutally. “When you play a tough cop like Neeraj Mathur in Bastar, I want people to think that I portrayed her in the strongest, most fearless and powerful way. I want people to believe each word I’m saying in the film,” she explained.

She went on to say, “When she says that 76 jawans were butchered and that she wants to gun them down, she’s saying it out of frustration because she saw the jawans being shot and chopped into pieces. I might not say it as Adah but Neerja would.”

Adah also stated that those who are calling out the film for targeting the left or those who are tagging it as propaganda must “watch the film first”, to know what it is exactly about.

Bastar also stars Raima Sen, Yashpal Sharma, Anangsha Biswas, and others, and it is set to hit the silver screens on March 15.

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