‘Makkhan Jaisi Sadak’: Mumbaikars Heap Praises On Newly Inaugurated Worli-Marine Drive Stretch Of Coastal Road

Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, accompanied by Deputy CMs Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar, inaugurated the south-bound corridor of Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project Phase 1, known as the Dharmaveer Sambhaji Maharaj Coastal Road, on Monday, March 11.

The newly opened 10.5-kilometre stretch represents the initial phase of the coastal road’s development. Motorists can now access this route from Worli Seaface, Haji Ali interchange and Amarson’s interchange points, with exit available at Marine Lines. Notably, it is anticipated to reduce travel time from Worli to Marine Drive from 45 minutes to a mere 10 minutes.

Mumbaikars Share First Drive Experience On Coastal Road

Mumbaikars have already started praising the engineering marvel on the very first day of their drive. Rohan Sen, who travels daily to work from Bandra to Nariman Point, shared his first-hand experience of driving his car on the newly inaugurated Coastal Road stretch. “Makkhan jaisi sadak” (Smooth As Butter), is what he said while describing the road.

Further sharing his experience of the drive he said, “I simply put my car in cruise mode and enjoyed my drive on the smooth road. The four-lane roads were pretty spacious unlike other roads in Mumbai. All vehicles were also seen following lane discipline and maintaining speeds.”

When asked about any challenges faced during his inaugural ride, Rohan stated that the entry at the Bindu Madhav Thackeray Chowk is a bit traffic bottleneck as many people are trying to ply on the newly built road.

However, he also mentioned that as per BMC’s claims of cutting down travel time between Worli and Marine Drive, it took him exactly eight minutes to reach Marine Drive from the start point of the Coastal Road in Worli.

‘Coastal Road Will Benefit Motorists With Enhanced Mileage’

Notably, he also stated that the newly built road will benefit motorists with fuel efficiency. “Earlier, it used to take me an hour of travel from Bandra to Nariman Point, with my car giving an average of around 11.2 kmpl. Today, surprisingly, it took me just 35 minutes for the whole journey with a fabulous mileage of 16.2 kmpl, that too on Mumbai roads.”

He also mentioned that driving inside the undersea tunnel was quite an experience, coupled with the music being played inside the tunnel. “Contrary to reports, the roads were dust-free and absolutely clean with no bumps or potholes. The lanes are clearly marked with proper signboards for commuters,” he added.

‘Gives A Different Perspective Of The Cityscapes’

Kashif Khusro, another motorist who takes the sealink and then travels to Nariman Point for work said that the coastal road is a living marvel giving mesmerizing views of the cityscapes from the coastline. “Being a Mumbaikar, I got a very different perspective of the buildings while travelling from the outer side. No one would’ve thought that we’d be able to go past the Haji Ali Dargah and Mahalaxmi temple travelling from the backside few years ago,” he said.

While praising the road quality of the coastal road, he stated that they are clean and spacious, giving ample space to both civilian vehicles and public transport for commute. “Driving in the undersea tunnel itself is another experience,” he further said.

Another interesting fact he shared was that his car’s GPS system was baffled once he entered the Coastal Road at Worli and came to normal when he made his exit at the Marine Drive. “Since the route is not yet registered on maps, my car’s GPS couldn’t gauge my travel route, fluctuating my travel time throughout the drive. It was only when I made the exit, my GPS showed me the reduced distance and time to reach my destination.”

Social Media Praises Coastal Road Project

Netizens heaped praises on the newly built engineering marvel sharing their experience of drive. “Literally! I just drove on it, and I’m shocked as to how instant the benefit is. The coastal road is a great construction. Roads are literally fantastic, better than MTHL imo. And traffic is literally cut massively. Can’t wait to see what it does when the full road is opened,” said a user.”Actually it will be a boon for the ones who wants to travel from Nariman point to bandra,” said another user.”New Face of Aamchi Mumbai,” said a Mumbaikar praising the newly inaugurated road.

About Coastal Road Project

The Mumbai Coastal Road Project, which commenced construction on October 13, 2018, boasts a projected cost of Rs 12,721 crore. The project is set to be completed to its full by May 2024, after missing several deadlines. CM Shinde had earlier this month announced plans for a sprawling central park spanning 320 acres along the Coastal Road, promising a green oasis amidst the bustling cityscape.

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