‘Procuring Ganja Is As Easy As Getting Lollipop’: Haryana Student’s Remarks During Event Goes Viral

Has the effortless availability of drugs made youngsters prone to substance abuse? One of the videos that surfaced online from an event being held at the IIT Delhi Technopark in Sonipat, Haryana, raised the question of whether the sale of prohibited and harmful drugs has become easier. It showed a student making some shocking remarks in the presence of a police officer addressing the gathering.

In the video, the student pointed out that procuring ganja or any other intoxicating stuff has become as easy as purchasing a toffy or lollipop. Furthermore, he asked the official why it is difficult for the police team to trace a drug dealer or peddler if first or second year college students can manage doing so.

A look into student’s question

Sir, humne ye karyakram dekha Nasha Mukti Abhiyan ka, aur University nashe ka sabse bada epicentre hai…Aaj ganja milna ya koi nashe ki samaghri milna toffy aur lollipop jitna aasan hai. Jab ek first year ka second year ka bacha ganja dealer ko trace kar sakta hai ya track kar sakta hai, toh police kyu nahi kar paati?” he says, speaking in Hindi and being acknowledged with a chaotic cheer by other students in the audience.

“Ganja sold in front of chowki”

The video doesn’t end there. He later continues by revealing a spot in the vicinity, being a (police) chowki, where ganja is sold and questions the police’s efficiency. Before knowing the response on the same, the video ends leaving viewers unclear of what happened further over the questions and thoughts raised in the event.

Indian entrepreneur Divya Gandotra Tandon shared the video online and identified the student as being a part of the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University. In her X post, she mentioned that this “student showed courage by addressing an issue that the police were avoiding discussing.”

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