Sikh IPS Officer Allegedly Called ‘Khalistani’ During Argument With BJP Leaders In West Bengal, CM Mamata Banerjee Condemns Incident

Kolkata, February 20: A video of a Sikh police officer lashing out at BJP leaders and workers after one of them allegedly called him a Khalistani surfaced online on Tuesday, February 20. The video, shared by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, is going viral on social media platforms. The video showed a heated argument between the Sikh IPS officer and protesting BJP leaders and workers.

IPS officer Jaspreet Singh was allegedly called a Khalistani during an argument between cops and a group of BJP leaders and workers. “You are calling me a Khalistani because I am wearing a turban. Is this your courage? If any policeman wears a turban and does his duty, he becomes Khalistani? Is this your level?” visibly angry Singh is heard telling the BJP group in the viral video. BJP leaders, mostly women, are seen asking the cops to performs their duties fairly.

CM Mamata Banerjee Slams BJP:

CM Mamata Banerjee condemned the incident and said the BJP thinks every person wearing a turban is a Khalistani. “I vehemently condemn this audacious attempt to undermine the reputation of our Sikh brothers and sisters, revered for their sacrifices and unwavering determination to our nation,” she posted while sharing the video.

“We stand firm in protecting Bengal’s social harmony and will take stern lawful measures to prevent any attempts to disrupt it,” the Chief Minister added.

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