‘Joined BJP To Strengthen PM Modi’s Hands’: Ashok Chavan After Exit From Congress

Ashok Chavan joined the BJP on Tuesday to ‘strengthen the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’. The two-time chief minister, who quit the Congress on Monday, was welcomed into the BJP fold by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and state BJP president Chandrashekhar Bawankule at the party’s head office at Nariman Point.

There was anticipation that Chavan would bring at least 11-15 MLAs from the Congress, but only one MLC from his home town, Nanded, joined the BJP with him.

Chavan, the son of late Congress veteran Shankarrao Chavan, said: “Today is the beginning of my new political career.”

“Stalwarts like Chavan are impressed with the work of PM Modi and are joining the BJP without any expectations,” Fadnavis said.

Buzz Around Chavan Being Fielded For Rajya Sabha

There were reports that the BJP may field Chavan for the upcoming Rajya Sabha election. But there was no confirmation. Chavan said: “I didn’t join BJP to get any benefit. I have joined it to participate in the progress of the nation, progress of Maharashtra and progress of my constituency. I am impressed with the progressive politics of Modi, who has a fan following not only in India but abroad too. Therefore, I want to become part of the progressive politics of Modiji.”Chavan said he was ready accept whatever responsibility the central executive committee of the BJP gave him. He also thanked Fadnavis for the personal rapport that he had maintained over the years. Asked about his decision to quit the Congress. Chavan said it was a personal decision. “No one asked me to join the BJP. Till the last minute, I was with my former colleagues. But the circumstances were such that I had to take a decision for inclusive growth under the leadership of PM Modi.”

Chavan Speaks On Adarsh Society Scam

Asked about the Adarsh Society scam Chavan said: “We had won the case in Bombay High Court and now matter is sub judice before the Supreme Court. We will complete the legal process. I tolerated a lot and fought against the allegations of Adarsh Society. I would say Adarsh Society issue was an accident.”

Last Saturday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had tabled a white paper against the work done during the UPA government in which she mentioned the Adarsh Society scam. Opposition parties are alleging that because of the white paper Chavan defected to the ruling BJP.

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