Abhishek Ghosalkar Murder: ‘Mauris Bhai’ Learnt How To Use Gun Through YouTube Tutorials, Reveals Probe

Mumbai: Mauris Noronha, also known as Mauris bhai, is accused of killing Abhishek Ghosalkar, a leader in the Shiv Sena (UBT). Amid the probe around the murder, a chilling discovery was made by the police. According to a report citing Mumbai police, Noronha learned how to use a gun from watching online videos, particularly from YouTube.

Possible Reason Behind Killing Ghosalkar

Many news reports have suggested possible enmity angles between the both, however, beneath this surface lies the real reason for the attack, as it seems that Ghosalkar’s actions, particularly his alert to the US Embassy regarding a rape accusation against Noronha, served as a catalyst for the tragic incident.

Noronha’s sinister plot reportedly began when he hired his bodyguard, Amarendra Mishra in December last year promising him a salary of Rs 40,000 a month. He then made Mishra to keep his firearm in a locker at his office. Noronha had a spare key of the locker, which he possibly used to access the gun of the murder evening.

Before the shooting, Noronha and Ghosalkar met to plan it out. They had to postpone because they didn’t have a gun, but Noronha had already studied how to use one on the internet. When they finally met again, Noronha knew exactly what to do.

Revenge Over Rape Allegations

Noronha was angry at Ghosalkar because he thought Ghosalkar caused a rape case against him and got his US visa cancelled. This made Noronha want revenge.

Losing his US visa meant Noronha couldn’t make money anymore playing poker in Las Vegas. It also ruined his dreams of being in politics. He had to borrow a lot of money just to get by. Noronha had been arrested before for raping a woman. This shows he had a history of getting into trouble.

Noronha’s Bodyguard Sent To Judicial Custody

Meanwhile in another development in the case, the Metropolitan Magistrate Court granted Amarendra Mishra 14 days’ judicial custody in the Ghosalkar murder-cum-suicide case on Tuesday.

Mishra was produced before the 37th MM Esplanade Court yesterday in the afternoon. The Mumbai Police Crime Branch sought further police custody on the grounds of investigations to discover the conspiracy, whether he was a beneficiary, whether he has been involved in any kind of similar crimes in the past, and in the process of finding the authenticity of the arms licence issued by UP authority.

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