Mumbai: 12-Year-Old Boy Flees Dadar Home After Teacher Complaints About Mischief To Parents; Police Find Him In 24 Hours

A 12-year-old boy from Naigaon in Dadar decided to leave his home after his school teacher reprimanded him, and also called his parents to complain about his bad behaviour in the classroom. After receiving the complaint from the boy’s parents, the Bhoiwada police took less than 24 hours to bring back the boy to his worried parents.

 Details of matter

The matter occurred on Friday when the boy caused mischief during school hours inside the classroom. His class teacher called the boy’s parents and informed them about the same. Around noon, the boy returned home when his parents were not home, and around 12:40 pm, he was seen (CCTV camera) exiting his apartment building with a bag on his back.

When his parents returned home in the evening, they started looking for him and waited for him to return by night. But he didn’t turn up, hence at around 8:40 pm, they approached the Bhoiwada police and narrated the entire matter. Since the boy is a minor, a case of kidnapping was registered at the police station and special teams were formed to locate the boy before any untoward incident took place. 

A team was told to look at surrounding places like open grounds, gardens, etc, but the boy was found nowhere. Then footages from CCTV cameras were scanned from at least 25 places where they finally spotted the boy. He was seen walking from his area to Dr BA Road towards Parel TT flyover (Hindamata area) and going towards Prabhadevi railway station. Police then checked railway CCTVs and found the boy getting inside a Virar local train and getting down at Dadar railway station. 

CCTV helps in finding the lad

Cops kept following the boy’s trail with the help of CCTV cameras. He entered the Dadar flower market area and kept walking randomly, cluelessly. The police officials said that they asked local shops to show their CCTV camera footage to trace the boy’s direction. After looking at footage from at least 15 shops on the road, they found the boy sitting outside a garment shop named Suvidha, located on Ranade Road in Dadar West. 

The boy told the police that he was scared of facing his parents, hence decided to go away from them. However, after a brief counselling, he returned home safely to his parents. His counselling will continue for three days, said the police.

Previously, on January 9, the Bhoiwada police rescued a 14-year-old boy who went missing from KEM hospital. He had come from Nagpur with his parents for his mother’s treatment. The clueless boy made his way back home to Nagpur thinking he was lost. Similarly, in October last year, a 15-year-old boy from Parel left home after he scored poorly in his term examination. The Bhoiwada police followed his trail via CCTV cameras, he was seen getting in and out of local trains, then ended up at Dadar East where the cops were waiting for him to take him back to his house.

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