Who Is Kajal Jha? Bungalow Worth Rs.80 Crore Of Gangster Ravi Kana’s Girlfriend Sealed By Cops In Delhi’s New Friends Colony

In what seems to be a mega crackdown on gangster Ravi Kana alias Ravi Nagar, Greater Noida Police have selaed the gang’s assets worth Rs 100 crore. Police have also sealed property work Rs 80 crore of a woman named Kajal Jha in connection with the investigation.

Who is Kajal Jha?

A Kothi located in New Friends Colony, Delhi that has been sealed belonged to Kajal Kha who has been identified as Gangster Ravi Kana’s girlfriend. The Khoti was worth Rs 80 crore and Kajal Jha lived in that house. It is discussed that this house was gifted to her by Ravi.

After sealing the assets worth about Rs 100 crore of the bar and scrap mafia Ravi Nagar (Ravi Kana) gang, the police has increased the scope of action. Kajal Jha, got in touch with Ravi for seeking a job, and finally ended up joining his gang. She had an important role in running the the gang’s business. Kajal Jha also worked for the same mafia gang that Ravi Kana was associated with.

Police step up action

Meanwhile, after finding the location of two other gangsters of the gang, the police has started siege. Apart from this, the police have discovered many hideouts, properties and warehouses of the gang located in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Dehradun, Punjab, Bulandshahr. Police teams have camped in many cities. Preparations are underway to take action against these locations soon.

Close bank accounts and ATMs

DCP said that the bank accounts of Ravi and all his gang members have been frozen. Apart from this, the concerned bank has been informed to block all the cards including A

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