Purna-Parli Passenger Train Catches Fire At Nanded Station, No Casualties Reported

An incident occurred at the Nanded railway station this morning at 10 am, where a sudden and severe fire broke out in one of the railway coaches of Purna-Parli passenger train earmarked for maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, since the train was stationed in the maintenance yard for repairs, there were no passengers on board, preventing a major catastrophe.

Initially, a fire broke out in one of the railway coaches. The flames quickly assumed a fierce intensity. As soon as the smoke and fire became apparent, the railway personnel present at the scene demonstrated alertness. Due to the availability of water facilities for railway maintenance and washing at this location, some employees promptly used the nearby pipe to control the fire by spraying water, bringing it under control.

Thankfully, no loss of life has been reported. Within 30 minutes of the incident, the fire was completely contained, and no damage to any other coaches occurred, as confirmed by the railway authorities. However, the precise cause of the fire is not yet clear and probe is underway to ascertain reason behind the mishap.

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