Orry Reveals TRUTH Behind Getting ₹20-30 Lakh For Clicking Selfies With Celebs

B-Town celebs’ bestie Orry, whose real name is Orhan Awatramani, has finally spilled the beans about him getting paid Rs 20-30 lakhs for selfies. He said that if he got such amount for pictures he wouldn’t be slogging it out and would be living more.

Orry in ‘Bigg Boss 17’ made a statement that left the host Salman Khan stumped and also created headlines. He disclosed that he earns a whopping amount of Rs 20-30 lakhs for clicking photographs with celebs.

Asked if he really does earn that much via selfies,I love the statement I made about selfies, it was an exaggeration and I love how it has made headlines.”

He said that if he made that much money through pictures, he would’ve been on an island living it out and not “slogging”.

“I wish I made that much money per selfie you would see me on an island in a yacht living the life and you wouldn’t see me slogging it out and working like a dog in Bombay I would be living more than I had lived,” he said.

He in his adorable way then added: “I’d be lucky if I got 20-30 rupees for selfies but yeah that is the honest truth.”

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