Mumbai Air Pollution: City Wakes Up To Thick Layer Of Smog Shows Visuals; AQI Stands At 155

Mumbai: The city woke up to a haze-filled atmosphere in the morning on Thursday (November 16). It is worth mentioning that Mumbai has been reeling under high air pollution in recent days due to the construction activities at various sites. The situation has also been aggravated by the use of fireworks during Diwali celebrations. A thick layer of haze lingered in the air in Mumbai this morning.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted partially cloudy skies in the city and suburbs in the morning today.

The weather agency also predicted that the city and suburbs will continue to see cloudy skies towards the afternoon and by the evening. The temperatures on Wednesday are likely to be between 26°C to 33°C.

Causes of pollution

The primary causes of outdoor air pollution are solid, liquid particles called aerosols & gase from vehicle emissions, construction activities, factories, burning stubble & fossil fuels and wildfire, etc.

The main causes of indoor air pollution are harmful gases from cooking fuels (such as wood, crop wastes, charcoal, coal and dung), damp, mould smoke, chemicals from cleaning materials, etc.

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