Bengaluru: Man Shares Pic Of New Modus Operandi Used By Carjackers On NICE Road; BJP’s Tejasvi Surya Expresses ‘Shock’

Bengaluru: BJP’s Member of Parliament from Bengaluru South constituency, Tejasvi Surya, took to X (formerly Twitter) on Monday (November 13) and commented on the ordeal faced by a person when the car that the person was travelling in was attacked on Bengaluru’s NICE Road. The Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Road is commonly known as NICE Road.

“A friend was dropping us back home when a cement block, roughly 6″x3″x3″ cement block was thrown at the car from one of the connecting bridges over the NICE Road between Bannerghatta Road and Hosur Road at about 2:30am this morning,” said the person on Twitter

“I have traversed this road numerous times since it became functional and had never faced this threat ever. It seem that the times are changing. The ever-present Hoysala cars along the Begur-Koppa Road are seen very few times,” posted the person on X, with a picture of the windshield of his car attacked and damaged.

The user also shared his experience in detail and said that he didn’t stop the care despite being attacked, as he understood that the modus operandi or the method used by the miscreants was to loot the car after the driver stopped it after the vehicle is attacked.

He also shared a picture of the damaged windshield of his car in his post on X.

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya shares post and concern

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya shared the post of the person who had to go through the horror and urged the Karnataka government to act in the case and ensure the safety of the citizens.

He mentioned in detail how miscreants in the garb of being distressed or on the pretext of asking for help, loot and attack commuters on NICE road as such incidents have been reported in the past too.

“It’s definitely not the first time that such incidents are being reported on NICE Road. I also remember another similar incident happening to an acquaintance from BG Road to Kanakapura Road, where some alleged dacoits suddenly appeared on the road as if in distress & tried to stop the vehicle under the garb of needing help,” said Tejasvi in his post.

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