MP Elections 2023: ‘Did Modi Send CBI, ED After Narendra Tomar’s Son?’, Rahul Gandhi Attacks BJP Over Viral ‘Cash Dealings’ Videos

Another video surfaced on Monday, revealing Devendra Pratap, the son of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, discussing transactions worth hundreds of crores, just ahead of the assembly elections. In this video, reminiscent of the one that garnered widespread attention earlier this month, Devendra, also known as Ramu Bhaiya, is seen engaging in a conversation with a broker about transactions from Chandigarh.

Did Modi send ED, CBI after Tomar’s son?: Rahul Gandhi

During his tour of the poll-bound state today, Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Harda on Monday, criticising the Prime Minister for not taking action against Devendra Pratap despite the viral video of alleged dealings.

“There has been a BJP government here for 18 years. You have witnessed their corruption and exploitation in governance. Wherever they find an opportunity, they use it to make money out of it,” remarked Gandhi.

“I don’t know know if you have seen the video of their minister’s son. Did you watch the video of Tomar ji’s son?” Gandhi asked, as the crowd cheered in affirmation.
“Without hiding, without any fear, he’s openly stealing money of Madya Pradesh’s farmers, labourers and poor youth on video call,” Gandhi said.

“Brothers and sisters, did Narendra Modi take any action against Tomar ji’s son? Did he send CBI, ED, IT dept after him?” the Gandhi scion asked.

BJP running 50% commission govt in MP: Rahul Gandhi

Making significant allegations, the former Congress president asserted, “This is a 50% commission government. They engaged in corruption in the Mahakal corridor project, ruined the lives of 1 crore youth in the Vyapam scam. Despite 40 deaths, there was no inquiry. No inquiry was conducted in the Patwari exam scandal either. In the sale of MBBS seats, there has been no inquiry. Ministers, their families, or ministers’ sons are consistently involved in corruption, yet no action is taken against them.”

Similar video of Devendra Pratap had gone viral

A few days ago, a video featuring Devendra Pratap Singh Tomar discussing financial transactions worth Rs 100 crore had gone viral, sparking intense criticism from the opposition eying to dislodge the BJP from power.

Though Tomar had called the video fake and an attempt to malign his image, a similar video emerging on Monday has put question mark on his claim, leading to further attacks from the Congress.

At the beginning of the new video, the person talking on the call can be seen telling Devendra Tomar that the CA of some unknown person from Chandigarh will tell them every month whether it is 50 crore, 100 crore or 500 crore. To this, Devendra replies “no problem”. The broker then says that the money has to be taken every month.

Later, Devendra asks, “How much will they give in the first month?”. The man says, “I have asked them for 250 (crore). Their CA will meet my bank manager today. Because it will get converted and then reach you and from you it will go to Monardo.” On this, Devendra said, “You can order it in your account and then send it.

Narendra Tomar fighting a ‘prestige’ election

Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar is running as a candidate from the Dimani assembly constituency in the Morena Lok Sabha seat, the same constituency he represents in Parliament. The BJP aims to present a prominent figure in the Chambal region for the upcoming state polls.

Tomar’s nomination as an assembly candidate came as a surprise to many. The election has evolved into a matter of prestige for the senior BJP leader, and a loss here would significantly impact his credibility. Amidst this challenging contest, the union minister is undoubtedly displeased with his son’s alleged videos of cash dealings gaining widespread attention.

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