Maharashtra: LoP Vijay Wadettiwar Writes To CM Shinde Seeking Hike In Security After Receiving Threat Messages

Maharashtra: Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Assembly, Vijay Wadettiwar has written to the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Monday demanding to increase security given to him after he received threat messages.

Vijay Wadettiwar had recently criticised Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange Patil’s demand for Kunbi (OBC) caste certificates, suggesting it would not benefit Maratha youths causing a fresh row in the long-standing issue.

Wadettiwar’s Concerns For OBC Sub-Castes

Expressing concern, Wadettiwar, also the OBC face of the Congress in Maharashtra, argued that granting ‘Kunbi’ certificates to Marathas would be unjust to the 372 sub-castes under the OBC category. He emphasized the need for a thorough survey by the backward commission to determine eligibility.

Wadettiwar raised fears within the OBC community that granting OBC status to Marathas might jeopardize their existing rights. He questioned the credibility of the survey results, suggesting an increase from 11,500 to one lakh people eligible for OBC status, potentially impacting the OBCs.

While clarifying that OBCs are not against Maratha reservation, Wadettiwar objected to Marathas securing reservation from the OBC quota. He proposed that Marathas could benefit from the EWS category within the 50% reservation cap, avoiding potential conflicts.

Jarange Patil’s Retaliation

Jarange Patil retaliated, accusing Wadettiwar of neglecting the poor and downtrodden. He rejected personal remarks, asserting that their fight for justice doesn’t make them heroes, but rather a community standing up against conspiracies aimed at breaking their agitation.Jarange Patil questioned Wadettiwar’s motives, alleging opposition interference despite records confirming their cause. He challenged Wadettiwar’s loyalty, asking if external pressure or a potential switch in allegiance led to his stance against Marathas.

Political Motivations And Committee’s Extension

In response, Jarange Patil questioned Wadettiwar’s objection to Marathas speaking against the government. He alleged that some type political pressure or a planned switch prompted Wadettiwar’s stance, supporting the government from being criticised.

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